Daily Kos :: Still Missing the Big Picture About This Election

Daily Kos
Still Missing the Big Picture About This Election
by galiel

Wed Nov 3rd, 2004 at 09:23:59 CDT

This is not about Republicans or Democrats.
This is not about the war.
This is not about the economy.
This is not even about counting the votes.

This is the final step in the 20-year creeping coup by the theocrats, the Dominionists.

In the House and the Senate, the theocrats made dramatic advances, far beyond the number of seats that switched parties. On the GOP side, they have replaced moderates with zealots, and have significantly strengthened the support for the main theocrat bills that will be reintroduced in the new Congress.

You can hear it in the media's codewords: this election did NOT turn on Iraq or the economy or security, it turned on 'moral values', the politically correct code-word for theocratic values, i.e., placing one's religion above the laws of man. Exit polls show that 'moral values' were the most common #1 concern among voters, and that among those who marked 'moral values' as their primary concern, 80% voted for Bush. Every state that had a same-sex marriage ban up for decision voted the theocrat way. "


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