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Massive bainwashing

This is exactly what I have been telling my friends. It's so obvious if you visit open forums like the election message boards at AOL (which I did in order to try to make sense of things I was hearing in the press).

The right-wing hit squad (Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, etc) has been telling their listeners that the liberal 'elite' looks down on them. This clearly is a talking point, because if you tune into any of these radio shows, you hear exactly the same thoughts and words. Rush Limbaugh tells his audience that the liberals are arrogant and think they are better than good solid Americans who shop at WalMart and attend Church every week. If you sit down and listen to some of this, you have to conclude that the attack is brilliantly executed.

They have methodically created a sense of 'have vs. have not' among their followers. This then plays into the personal experiences of these people, giving the idea total validity. Consequently, the rank and file do not blame Republicans or the Bush crowd for their misfortune. They blame liberals. With this association firmly planted, these individuals will then go out and vote against their own self-interest. Seriously, it's brilliant.

In many ways, this entire dynamic is similar to what's going on in the Muslim world where religious leaders are convincing young men that the lack of opportunity in their society is the fault -- not of their own greedy leaders -- but the western world and America in particular.

In the Muslim world, this brainwashing has already led to much violence. How long will it take for similar violence to emerge in this country? At best, we may be headed for a new McCarthyism -- this time directed at liberals."
(by Getreal1246 at Kos)


Blogger SyphonBlack said...

“How long will it take for similar violence to emerge in this country?” We are already there ala, Timothy McVey and others that target abortion clinics and doctors. You are right on point!

11/17/2004 01:39:00 PM  

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