Daily Kos :: Proud to be American crowd voted Bush

Daily Kos :: Proud to be American crowd voted Bush

Some points to ponder...

Believe it or not, it wasn't just rednecks who voted for Bush
By Mark Steyn (Filed: 07/11/2004)

What was revealing about this election campaign was how little the condescending Europeans understand even about the side in American politics they purport to agree with - witness The Guardian's disastrous intervention in Clark County

Uncowed by Islamists, undeferential to government, unshrivelled in its birthratesBush's redneck America is a more reliable long-term bet. Europe's media would do their readers a service if they stopped condescending to it.

Red pride: brave, independent, virile
We didn't see that as a reason Kerry lost but I think he is right on the money here.

We missed the 'Proud to be American' crowd"

Pushing the Proud American's hot buttons (none / 0)

Pushing the Proud American's hot buttons

And after reading this excellent diary, I see all Bushpeak was geared to press on this hot buttons:

* I am brave, Kerry is a c...rd who talked bad about his troopmates
* I am independant, Kerry wants to bring in UN
* I am virile, Kerry is a"frenchie"

They don't care if Bush is a real brave, independant and virile man as long as he plays one on TV

When we make fun of him they feel we're making fun of them (Or their uncle, neighboor, dad) since they also live around people who misunderestimate the ammount of woods they have on the Internets...

On the gay and girlie FRAME, they loathe our confort with our own sexuality. Our lack of need to "prove it" or defend it to their peers. Our giggles about how quaint they are and how missionary position must be all they know...


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