Daily Kos :: Omaha GI dies the same day his baby is born

A lifelong Nebraska resident died in Fallujah the same day that his high school sweetheart gave birth to their first child. Tales like this may seem commonplace now, but they still pack a horrific punch in the lives of so many in this nation. They are the stories that our SCLM refuses to discuss. We must remind everyone we know that the horrors of this war are ever-present and multiplying by the day. It's so easy for people who have no real connection to the carnage to shrug these losses off -- it is our duty to make sure that they know these losses will cut into their own life at one point or another, the longer that they just sit back and refuse to focus on the real issues here. The saddest part is that NE went to Bush in a landslide. And for what? More fatherless kids? More young men and women in the ground? What kind of "family values" are those?


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