Daily Kos :: JohnKerry.com Starts Recount Fund

Just when you were about to give your tin foil hat a little Thanksgiving break, something called the General Election Legal and Accounting Compliance Fund just popped up on the front page of JohnKerry.com.
The Federal Election Commission has just granted [KE04's] request to raise funds now to cover recount expenses. Your contribution to Kerry-Edwards 2004 GELAC will provide the resources to make sure we are prepared to win the post election day battles.

I gave $10 to votecobb.org to get this thing moving. Do I have another $10 for the Real Deal?

* Not a cent
I contributed to the Greens BUT unless/until Ke'04 takes a firm visible stand for active investigation and verification of our vote I'm not giving him a dang cent. He has done nothing since the election but waffle worse than Bush ever accused him of. Maybe hes playing a polical game to avoid republican attacks but I don't care. I want him to take a clear and certain stand nothing less will get a cent from me.
by Ranger CN

* fair nuff
But I see this as a "stand." He got my 10 bucks. Glad to hear you gave to the Greens.
by traveler

* I gave it to Kerry before, he conceded
Now I only give to people who ACT!!!!
by lawnorder


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