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Daily Kos :: Jingoism and List Building: "Jingoism and List Building
by DHinMI
Tue Nov 23rd, 2004 at 14:46:32 CDT

There's two reactions to have to this story about a right-wing group supposedly launching an advertising campaign calling for the UN to be expelled from it's NYC headquarters for being an 'apologist and defender of terrorist organizations.' First, they're a bunch of loons. But it's also worth examining what else they're up to, and how they're using the press to help them achieve their aims.

A right-wing Republican group launched a television campaign calling for the United Nations to be kicked out of the United States, alleging the world body is a 'safe harbor' for terrorism.

California-based Move America Forward wants the world body's New York headquarters shut down and its officials expelled from the country because it failed to support the US-led war on Iraq.

'The UN has become an apologist and defender of terrorist organizations and their agents,' claims a 60-second commercial, which also cites the oil for food scandal involving alleged fraud in Iraqi oil sales.

The spot, which backs a 'Get the UN out of the US' petition drive, claimed that 'billions of dollars' intended for UN humanitarian aid was used to pay the families of 'Palestinian terrorists' and to buy weapons for Iraq-based terrorists...

The advertisement, which Move America Forward officials said would begin airing nationally next week, calls for Americans to sign a petition calling for the United Nations to be booted off US soil.

OK, scoff at them for essentially saying the entire world is a 'terrorist organization, but don't spend much time thinking about the leaps of logic one would have to make to connect their accusations. What's worth considering here is what they're trying to achieve. Anyone with a brain knows that the UN isn't going anywhere. [After all, I'll bet some tri-state Republicans might put up a little squawk about losing one of the largest employers and revenue generators in the entire region.] They're not going to get rid of the UN, so why run the ads? (If they're even running any ads; there's nothing in the article to indicate they've bought any air time, and where the ads will supposedly run.) No, this story isn't about the ads or getting rid of the UN, it's about building lists."


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