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Greed Kills II: Further review of NC voting IRREGULARITIES
by JohnnyCougar

Tue Nov 23rd, 2004 at 07:00:07 CDT

Since the first analysis by ignatzmouse of Democratic Underground spurred a fruitful debate, I figured I'd give the Kossacks a go at the follow-up analysis (post-hoc for all fellow psychologists).

The DU thread is here:

The new analysis deals with a breakdown by county of the discrepancies between the absentee/early vote count and the election day results. The county by county breakdown gives a look at the discrepancies by voting machine type, which are far from regular.

Inquire within!

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Posted by ignatzmouse on Mon Nov-22-04 08:28 AM

In part one of my analysis of the North Carolina General Election, I identified a discrepancy in voting patterns between the first third of the election via absentee/early vote and the other two-thirds of the election at the November 2nd polls. In the follow-up, I look deep into the county data to try to locate the source of the discrepancy and ask whether or not a solid case can be made for a modified election. The conclusions I've reached are as follows:"


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