Daily Kos :: Embracing the New and Improved CIA =|;-) =

Daily Kos :: Embracing the New and Improved CIA =|;-) =: "We should all celebrate his leadership and the clarity he brings to the CIA mission.

Think of the advantages:

* The quality of American intelligence can now be measured solely on the basis of customer satisfaction (no more worrying about why the facts didn't agree with the analysis)

* The CIA budget can be slashed because all those analysts gathering intelligence from verifiable sources are no longer required

* It's fun and more reliable to follow the Feith-based intelligence method of starting with a conclusion, making up the 'evidence', and then getting Mossad/Chalabi/Ghorbanifar/Perle/Judith Miller to plant it for you and your allies to discover (think Easter Egg Hunt!)

* Draft policy papers can be pre-formatted, with helpful drop-down menus of supporting evidence options, saving time and preventing unfortunate factual discrepancies

* Human intelligence (humint) sources can be restricted to those who reliably tell us what we want to hear"


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