Daily Kos :: Divided country? It's all the internet's fault

Divided country? It's all the internet's fault

It's all the internet's fault!

Remember how I posted here that Bushies would go against the internet next ? It started.

Opinion from PC Magazine: The Zeros vs. the Ones

After witnessing the latest Presidential election process, it's apparent to me that the Internet is turning into a bad dream. Nobody wants to admit it, but the Web's natural ability to remove normal interpersonal structures that prevent society from falling into chaos is not a benefit to anyone. Information revolution notwithstanding, the Internet will prove to be the undoing of society and civilization as we know it. It may not happen today, but it will happen sooner than we think.

What an ASININE comment !!! So people are not divided because of Bush's stupid policies or because of Rove's shameful manipulation and twisting of the rivalry between city and heartland to benefit his master. No It turns out people are divided because of us,  the bloggers.


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