Daily Kos :: Comments The "Values" Debate Continues

Daily Kos :: Comments The "Values" Debate Continues

I don't regret it

Backing gay marriage.

I'm a hetero, mom of 2, happily married, but I think on how I would feel if I coudn't visit my husband at the hospital and couldn't put him on my health plan, if he needed it.

I think about it, and want to protect the gays, because they are US citizens too. THAT is treating them like citizens. Ignoring their needs is not.

If you think about it, the gays are not the only ones being treated as second rate citizens. We dems are too. All of us

This neocon summarized their attitude:

Got the White House ?
How about the US Senate?
How about the US House?
How about the power to appoint Federal Judges?

You must at least have the majority of State Gov's State houses.

if 'no' is the answer to all of the above and it 'IS', then your ideas are not mainstream America and you should be on the outside looking in, and you are."


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