Daily Kos :: bush walks out of veterans day ceremonies


This 2004 Veterans day was EXACTLY the same as Nixon's in 1974

Daily Kos: "Bush walks out of veterans day ceremonies
by edrie

UPDATE: There will be a replay at 5:56pm EST today on CSPAN - please watch! I hope they play the entire broadcast

during the veteran's day ceremonies at arlington today, bush appeared drawn and haggard. his demeanor was one of distraction and disinterest.

after a brief speech that was politely received, the band began to play for the 'retiring of the colors'.

as the last flag left the parade grounds, the band abruptly stopped playing. on the platform, bush looked around for a minute, reached down and retrieved his speech, then left the podium. after he had left the stage, the announcer came over the loudspeaker and stated that the ceremony was concluded and would the audience please remain while the president left the grounds. the only problem was...

the president had already left the grounds!

long after bush had exited, the band then began to play the pomp and circumstance music meant to accompany the long gone 'commander-in-chief' - leaving only awkward exiting of the remaining guests. bush did not greet or acknowledge any of the honorees on the stage before, during or after the ceremony.

the coverage should be repeated on c-span throughout the day - if anyone else out there watches, please tell me if you had the same reaction as i - that something was dreadfully amiss today.

i've never seen such as this on any previous recognition of Veteran's day!"

Common Ground Common Sense
QUOTE(ARMYDAD @ Nov 10 2004, 06:29 PM)
Paranoia was (Richard) Nixon’s Achilles heel, and this time it foiled him completely. Aiming to lay low on Vietnam Veterans Day, he scheduled no formal ceremony, and approved only briefly to give one of his all-purpose, patriotic speeches at Fort McNair’s National War College. “The American effort [in Vietnam}…was in good conscience,” Nixon told a few hundred Army officers, airmen, wives, and government officials, “honorably undertaken and honorably ended.” He encouraged Vietnam Veterans to feel pride in having served a “good cause,” which had increased the chances of future world peace. He also promised to look into the questions that had been raised about POWs abandoned in Southeast Asia” The Marine Corps’ Drum and Bugle Corps played, but the audience waited in vain for a fly-over of Air Force fighter jets, because the drizzling sky refused to clear. Also conspicuously absent were Vietnam Veterans themselves, except for a handful of disabled vets, who had been brought over from a nearby VA hospital.


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