Daily Kos :: Branding the GOP As The Party Of Confederate Reactionairies

Over the past 25 years, the GOP has had tremendous success branding the Democratic party as the party of the godless Northeastern liberal elite. Nevermind that this image has no basis in reality -- of the 57 million people who voted for John Kerry included more than a few middle class people, the type who go to their white-steepled churches on Sundays, teach their children 'moral values' like peace, generousity, tolerance and honesty, and generally work hard and play by the rules. Can we turn the tables? I think we can, by branding the GOP as the party of reckless, Confederate firebrands.

The amunition is there. The GOP base right now consists of many reckless Confederate firebrands who, if they could, would take America back to a time of segregation (see Trapper John's current post about the Alabama Segregation vote), revive and teach creationism, criminalize gays and lesbians, shut down the federal government, start reckless wars, abolish public education, pave the Grand Canyon, and drill for oil on the Gettysburg Battlefield. These are the same Confederate dead-enders who build statues to Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, pay tribute to Strom Thurmond's failed Presidential bid, and protest statues meant to honor great Americans like Arthur Ashe, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. (Seriously, in my hometown of Richmond, VA, controversy ensued when folks wanted to build a statue of Lincoln to commemorate his visit only a few days after the Union Army took Richmond)."

Daily Kos :: Branding the GOP As The Party Of Confederate Reactionairies: "


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