Daily Kos :: 55,000 votes in OHIO are "weird"

Deleted from Daily Kos
Didn't even check if they were Kerry or Bush's. They are still weird

By subtracting actual vote from registered voters to get attendance % and then selecting the precincts with high attendance (over 80%) we get 55,000 over votes with atypically high attendance... I wonder if they were all e-votes..

Excel table here


Source data here


(picture below)

Did I find 55,00 "weird votes" ?

Update [2004-11-20 12:35:8 by lawnorder]: Someone found a "gotcha" on my numbers: Do people have to vote in their home precincts? If not, that may be an explanation, no?

Still... Wouldn't those votes out of precinct be tallied somewhere else ?
votes out of precinct ?
Adding them all up (over + undervotes) we get a "normal" number of 500,000 "under" votes. or 25% of Cuyahoga stayed home in election day


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