Colin Powell Jumps On Ukraine Bandwagon

Colin Powell Jumps On Ukraine Bandwagon

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"I feel as if I'm in a bizarro universe. Just heard on the local news (no link, but it's WMUR in Manchester, NH), that Colin Powell agrees there were 'voting irregularities' IN THE UKRAINE. Now . . . their only evidence of 'voting irregularities' is the exit polling. Not only have we got exit polling problems in the U.S. election, we've got sworn testimony indicating fraud. WTF is going on here?????????????????????? It must be a little like living in the Sudan. The whole world knows you're starving, but nobody gives a sh--. I'm making light of the situation in the Sudan, obviously, but they're less apt to get help with our boy Dubya 'Mr. Corporations' Bush in power. Sometimes I honestly can't believe this is happening. And, no, I'm not on my way out to check for crop circles.


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