Cleanup Crew - Bay Point Schools, Cal Tech, and the CyberNET connection.

Fasten your tinfoil hats... -- law

I was at first looking at PMing this for private use, but I think its time the public see this.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Piotr Blass is not only significant and real, he has alot of resume background in Michigan state, and otherwise, is connected to a very interesting corporation known as CyberNET Venturs Inc.(which manages all of Cybernets divisions...)

In the allegations report, a certain vendor described that such a network company was financing the operation through Mel Sembler and a few other bad eggs connected to the head of the game map. Another company was described as giving source to certain code.....Turns out CyberN is indeed an open source code distributor to several organizations, ultimately not even limited to voting companies. Also turns out an employee named Guitterez works(or had worked) there and created actual databases for elections across the USA and easily the globe, that are certainly not MS Access.


Also interestingly enough, the state and F.B.I just barely seized CyberNET Ventures Inc capital in Michigan state for all of its computer systems. Every single last one, in one large effort, and refused to state why they had them seized and impounded.

More interesting though, is the fact that if you look and sniff around it appears CyberNET (who is also, direct finance of the white house and ambassador) had its systems freely distributed among universities...Schools, teaching sites, and so on everywhere. And more interestingly also worldwide.

But the most interesting part of all, is CyberNET's own interest in Diebold, and helping them out of some dirty circumstances....

And of course on top of all this, ChoicePoint government who controls voting name rosters, being issued by Jeb Bush to directly not only take off the felon purge lists, but keep them as well. Authorities issued repeated orders for him to turn it off and instead he saved all the names to some hard drive and area around there in order to use them all again later.


What I'm seeing here, is clearly one of the ugliest watergate level scandals there ever was, and then of course the media has no idea of anything. So what can we do about it?

Here is what: We need an astute group of search experts, to find any, and every single tie the one and only CyberNET Ventures has with this issue because it leads straight to the top and back to the whitehouse. So far much information seems to be missing (blank pages) so experts who have background in information management, do your part! Search all the archives and find any and all reports and links of these companies together, linkes to ChoicePoint, links between each party and so on and get this rotton egg hard broiled!

Of course the vote totals were flipped: Using obvious malicious code of rigged names across the board, some that possibly don't even exist (see: evicted felon/citizen roster) and even adoptions for all anyone knows. And the way to make this come full force as the biggest dump ever seen is do an information sweep, and find every single leaked report there possibly is, get it recorded! Get it archived!

We can help the federal authorities and team do their job, Ireland even said this on the radio. And yes I'm going to say something some would start turning their heads in at: The Fisher story is most likely a correct, variable assessment and main report of what went on.

Schools involved clearly are not the only ones as Cal Tech and universities constantly stating the exit polls mean nothing, are all possible suspects too. I would leave no stone unturned and do your part as citizens to call it out.

Oh and good luck, we have democracy at risk here.

"Nothing is foolproof. Footprints are rea


Blogger luaptifer said...

the posts by this person, Auditors, seem to be an attempt to spin a magic carpet out of nebulous, unsubstantiated, and/or logically unlinked (usually no proof at least) threads of similarity in the names of many 'cyber' prefixed companies. several others and i have had our disputing challenges to his/her assertions left unmet by evidence, for the most part. careful buying too far into any story founded upon his/her facts.

11/25/2004 12:56:00 AM  

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