A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Scrooge: The Real Face of a Republican

Great Insight on Common Ground Common Sense

Great insight!

And a good plan, except that the pitiful Republican will call on Rush & Coulter to tell him what to think and will come back with this gem: "Scrooge was a free market capitalist injustly villified by commie thinking Charles Dickens"

Watching this classic Christmas Story every year has been a tradition for our family for decades. Just last week before Thanksgiving, my wife was bored and put it on for all of us to watch.

I was dumb-founded and chilled to the bone to discover the similarities between our current poltical struggle and the betterment of all mankind around the world. Could it be so simple?

Therefore, I came up with this one & only series of questions that needs to be put forth to every Republican you can find that is not deaf or mute,

1. Do you enjoy the Charles Dickens Classic, 'A Christmas Story'?
2. Do you enjoy the ending of the story?
3. Would you change, in anyway, the ending of the story?

If the answers are:

Yes, Yes, & No then ask,

What part of the story do you not understand?

Their reply, 'What do you mean?'

If you understand most of the story, why on earth are you still a republican?


Yes, No, & Yes

Stake through the heart immediately!!!!!


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