CANNONFIRE: Ring the bell, bang the pot, blow a fuse -- vote fraud is real!

CANNONFIRE: Ring the bell, bang the pot, blow a fuse -- vote fraud is real!

Ken Blackwell tossing out one out of every three provisionals.

Not what we hoped for -- but still fairly close to Shurberg's figure. Since most of the provisionals will swing Democratic (many were handed out in minority areas, where manipulators kept the machines sparse and the lines long), expect the margin to shrink by at least half. Then cometh the recount, which may turn up enough undervote ballots and "pumped up" precincts to swing this election.

On election night, Blackwell promised the provisionals would be counted within ten days. Why is he dawdling? Because the electoral college meets on December 13.

Oh...and remember what I said earlier about the poll books? Computers create those books, which means that manipulators can erase random names in Democratic districts. And that is just what seems to have happened:

Seventy percent of the rejected ballots, or 5,595, won't count because there was no record of their registration.

"I find it inconceivable that over 5,000 voters in the county would wait an hour in the pouring rain to vote if they haven't registered," said Dr. Norm Robbins, a neurosciences professor at Case Western Reserve University who volunteered for the Greater Cleveland Voter Registration Coalition.


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