CANNONFIRE Full court press on vote fraud

CANNONFIREFull court press on vote fraud
Kerry: I've just heard from one of the most noteworthy soldiers in his campaign "army" (not a general, but not just a grunt) that the senator does not consider this fight over.

Recounts in Ohio: A federal judge has ruled that the recount effort must wait until Blackwell finishes his very, very leisurely tabulation of the provisionals. If, as promised, that occurs on December 6, the recounters have little time to finish their work: The electoral college votes on December 13. Don't listen to those who say we can wait until January -- a full vote of the House and Senate is needed to overturn any state's slate of electors.

Warren Mitofsky continues to mislead about the exit polls conducted by his own organization. His actions are understandable: The Republican party, which usually gets what it wants, hopes to shut down exit polling completely; if he wants to stay in business, Mitowsky must kowtow to Power. Once again, he tells Keith Olbermann that the exits should be compared to "the score at half time at a football game."

No, Mr. Mitowsky. They should be compared to the score at half time at fifty football games. Better analogy: Fifty tosses of a coin. Error should skew in both directions; if the coin keeps coming up heads, something is wrong with that coin


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