Bush II - Attack of the fundie Clones

While on Daily Kos discussing how to Recharge with a Movie or Two I thought of watching

Bush II - Attack of the Fundie Clones

Where a complacent Republic and their Champions of Liberty gets shaken by an attack to one of it's own.. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine quickly moves for a vote for a war with the supposed perpetrators of the attack The Republic has long been at piece and gets tricked by the Supreme Chancellor into attacking someone completely unrelated to the previous attack.

Unbeknown to most, the Supreme Chancellor faithful servants quietly spent decades producing a massive army of brainless clones

The clones will be used at the right time to help the Supreme Chancellor overwhelm the Republic with their numbers and  fulfill his dream of becoming Supreme Ruler. And the Supreme Chancellor succeeds, with the help of the scared/ complacent people he will eventually turn into serfs and mandatory soldiers needed to feed his Empire building thirst.

Hey, wait a minute!!!!

I think I'm living it.



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