Bush, Forests and Integration | Reader Response | Deutsche Welle |

Bush, Forests and Integration | Reader Response | Deutsche Welle |

W-WORLD readers this week commented on the US elections, Colin Powell's resignation, the state of forests, the integration of immigrants and the need to learn foreign languages.

US elections

Do I think the US elections were "free and fair"? Absolutely not. Too bad the mainstream media in US has dropped the issue of possible election fraud far too quickly and independent media does not get enough attention in Europe, so, we Europeans have no way to get sufficient and correct information from the US - once again. -- Jan Mukka, Finland

The US has "locked down" the media from talking about the voter fraud matter that has been developed in Florida, Ohio, and New Hampshire. The data is compelling and has been done by statisticians. The potential for hacking was clearly recognized by responsible academic institutions such as the Johns Hopkins computer security program. With our US press lockdown, we will be using the same mobilization efforts we created to get out the vote. --Nancy, Minnesota

US elections cost as much as some small country's income. Do you think for that much money involved it will be a "free and fair" winning or rather winning for all cost? -- Andrzej, San Francisco

I am convinced that the US election was stolen. I state that on the basis of a lot of reading for long before Nov. 2, reports about the exit polls, and discussion with people who are expert in this type of computer work. I am also familiar with the fundamentalist Christians who are the rank-and-file for right-wing fanatics. I dread the future for which this will have been history in the making. -- Madeleine Savit, an American living in Australia

Colin Powell

I believe that anyone following Powell as secretary of state in the second Bush administration will experience grave problems of trust and confidence. If that person is from within the national security realm of the government, and closely associated with its present policy, these problems will be compounded. The Bush government may attempt to be even more dogmatic in the pursuit of its foreign policy objectives now. -- Louis D. Armmand

I do not think the US and the EU will ever again be "close" because since the demise of USSR, EU leaders sense they do not need US protection. Pacifism reigns supreme in Europe and Europeans are unwilling to make the sacrifices of life, money, and work to improve and make safe the our world. It is lonely for America in the world, but we cannot look to any other power for action and sacrifice as the world looks to us. -- Eric Etchison, US

I do think with that Bush is in for a really big surprise. With the members leaving his side now when he needs them the most, I wonder how he will handle the Middle East. His father should have done the job years ago when we had a good reason to be in Iraq. I think it is after the fact. That's why we do not have the support from other countries. Because let's face it, it is all about the oil there and control of that and I think it backfired on Bush. He has done nothing good for this country we have our hands in to many things where we do not belong. We have many problems right here in the US -- without getting in to more wars we should start taking care of what we have in our country. I do not think things will change: As long as Bush is our leader it will be four more years of hell on earth. -- James P. Constantine

The loss of a great person like Colin Powell to help guide my country and build bridges with others definitely is heavy on my heart. I hope him the best and wish we all will continue on the path he has lead us. -- Jason Graves, US


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