Bush campaign worker tied up a sheep

I needed some reason to laugh and make fun of Bushies today... Here it goes

That the story is true can be confirmed at Pet-Abuse.Com

But their dry report desn't tell the funny part, which BartCop recorded in 2000

Bush campaign worker tied up a sheep

Courier Staff Writer

A Waterloo man has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting
a sheep at a college farm Wednesday.

Students at Hawkeye Community College's farm discovered Bob Broderson hiding naked except for a Bush campaign hat in a hay loft shortly before 8 a.m., according to Waterloo police.

An ewe -- a female sheep -- was tied up in the corner. Broderson tried to flee, but the students captured him and held him until officers arrived, police said. A blue nightgown was next to the ewe, police said."


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