Britney Spear dances a 'no-no' in Kabul

LONDON: Hip-swivelling Bollywood dancers and a prancing Britney Spears are now taboo in the Afghan capital of Kabul, following a ban imposed by the country's Supreme Court.

Islamic fundamentalist judges have reportedly ordered Kabul's Tolo Cable TV to be switched off across the city this week, claiming that many Afghans have become addicted to 'unIslamic' and raunchy Bollywood and Hollywood films that it is showing.

Afghanistan's Culture Minister, a highly esteemed Sufi poet and liberal, has endorsed the apex court's stand.

'The cable networks are annoying and misleading people. There should be harmonisation in line with Islamic and Afghan values,' The Independent quoted Sayed Raheen, Afghanistan's Minister of Information and Culture, as saying.


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