Break the Media Blockade On Election Theft News With this Broadsheet Flyer

Break the Media Blockade On Election Theft News With this Broadsheet Flyer

Use this broadsheet flyer as a tool overcome the media blockade erected against the real news of massive election fraud in 2004. Pass it out widely to your friends, your family and the public. Research these links. Talk about it. Ask your friends to do the same.

America needs to be aware of the Evidence being amassed on the internet by highly motivated investigators of probable Voter Fraud and massive Election Irregularities.

Why isn't the media reporting on this? They are after a fashion. If you consider real news to be brownouts, fuzzouts and denigrating articles equating "those bloggers" and other investigators based mainly on the internet, who have been tracking and uncovering the news about election irregularities from election night onward, with "conspiracy theorist kooks".

In other words, the real news is being downplayed or blocked out.

However, key elements of election theft news are being reported in local papers in those battleground states where election fraud and other irregularities have evidently occurred. It's just that the news is not being forwarded to the rest of the nation by the major media. These local news sources are proving to be helpful to investigators, helping them locate where and what to sift through for further evidence.

Why isn't the media reporting on this? Bev Harris of BlackBox.org, posted Nov. 7th on the Democratic Underground, reporting that she was "tipped off by a person very high up in TV, that the news has been locked down tight". That's why.

This is in itself ominous. The media knows about this and is not allowed to report on it. Connect the dots.

What's going on?

At the moment, much of the Election Fraud Evidence is "trapped" in cyberspace because the major media outlets refuse or are afraid to report it. This has got to change.

Being that the media has failed us at this critical juncture, its OUR job to be the media.

You can help by simply printing out this Election Theft Information Broadsheet flyer and handing it out.

Perhaps there is hope yet in alerting America to the facts and their grave implications. Today's news reports the Kerry Camp is finally showing interest in the ongoing voting irregularity investigations in Ohio.
Maybe there's time yet for America to wake up before this late stage coup by BushCo develops any further.

Please help alert America.
Help release critical Election Theft information trapped in cyberspace out to the general public.




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