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Has anyone seen lists of RNC-favoring companies to boycott?  A broad list might be nice, but I'm particularly interested in seeing progressives figure out one or two vulnerable corporations on which we can have a significant effect through simple consumer choice, and make a splash in the media while doing so.

Timbuk3 has it http://timbuk3.com

I've been getting a lot of questions about boycotting companies that fund the former Republican party (you know, the party that was recently taken over by the Militant Christian Right?), so consider this an attempt to answer them.

Please understand that this is a work in progress, and as people send me information I'll be updating these things often. Note that there are comments links on every page. Please make suggestions, or just let everyone know you're participating. There IS strength in numbers.

Hopefully, it will be useful to some of you... to hold our heads high and use our economic clout to make the point, loud and clear, that we are NOT an insignificant "fringe group" in America.

On this page there is a FAQ with answers to some of the specific questions that have been raised regarding where best to spend our money. I should caution you that the long list of "good" and "bad companies was lifted pretty much verbatum from a web posting and may change as more accurate information comes it.

http://timbuk3.com/faq.htm A couple of things you can do are so obvious that it bears repeating, here. BUY YOUR GAS AT CITGO! Here is the store locator: http://www.citgo.com/CITGOLocator/StoreLocator.jsp  If you just can't find a Citgo anywhere nearby, the "least evil" oil company is Shell. Look for one of those. They have a store locator, too. http://www.shell.com/home/Framework?siteId=home&FC2=/html/iwgen/shell_for_motorists/station_loca tor/zzz_lhn.html&FC3=/html/iwgen/shell_for_motorists/station_locator/station_locators.html

Budweiser and Coors qualify as top 25 most evil companies. If you want to drink beer, why don't you try a nice imported German beer? They taste better, and they're not really any more expensive. And if you'r addicted to cigarettes (no shame in that, I am) try switching to one of the Ligget "generic" brands like USA or Pyramid. They're cheaper, and smoking isn't "cool" anymore, anyway. Ask yourself why you have such loyalty to Marlboro, when they have no loyalty to you

There are simply too many potential targets, and many corporations are far too diversified for any "list" to be complete. You'll need to investigate yourself, sometimes, and you need resources to do that. This page is filled with direct links to data sources and like-minded groups. http://timbuk3.com/fundlinks.htm

Finally, with the Christmas season upon us, there is a page designed to present and accept ideas for how to have a Merry Christmas without supporting people who, by way of who they fund and what legislation they are pushing, have proven that they basically hate us. http://timbuk3.com/xmas04.htm

Two EASY choices that shouldn't be overlooked: If you have to ship a package, ship it by US Mail. UPS and FEDEX are NOT our friends. If you're wondering about the "vigilance, perseverance, & justice" line in the header, it's what the blue in the Great Seal of the United States stands for. http://www.usflag.org/colors.html

Although it's probably not accurate, this description of what the colors in the flag stand for is ironic. http://www.county.allegheny.pa.us/veterans/colors.asp

And last but not least... Propagation by email will get this going faster than anything. PLEASE feel free to forward this far and wide. Thank you for your support of America.



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