Bev Harris "interviewed" by the Secret Service in April 2004

red onion: Beverly Harris "interviewed" by the Secret Service

Beverly Harris was interviewed by the Secret Service, she revealed in a democratic underground forum in April 2004. And, this is what they wanted from her:

Under the Patriot Act, "hacking" crimes were turned over to a new division, called the CyberCrimes division, and placed under the auspices of the Secret Service. And let me tell you what they want from me now: They want the logs of my web site with all the forum messages, and the IP addresses. That's right. All of them. A giant fishing expedition for every communication of everyone interested in the voting issue.

This has nothing to do with a VoteHere "hack" investigation, and I have refused to turn it over.So, yesterday, they call me up and tell me they are going to subpeona me and put me in front of a grand jury. Well, let 'em. They still aren't getting the list of members of BlackBoxVoting.org unless they seize my computer -- which my attorney tells me might be what they have in mind.


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