Ban Abortion, peek on your IRS & Increase Spending - GOP

Common Ground Common Sense: "Its a smart move - dirty, but smart.
A win-win for the NeoCONs.

In that they gain 'political capital' for any blockade of the spending bill like the Contract ON America did in, was it '95?
& brings the extreme agenda right to the fore. So that NeoCONs can keep the christian right polarized against any liberal agenda - because THE LIBERAL LEFT opposed it. Reminds the junkyard dog who the defined enemy is.

Gives an excuse for why Roe v Wade doesn't get done on this 'watch.' If it doesn't get overturned - it can be played once again in 2008.

If it does get overturned, well -- it pumps up the maniacal testosterone & will be played for its 'political capital.'

The election was every bit as crucial as was claimed.
There will be no mercy, there will be no reason for 4 years.

So let's deal with what needs to be done & get policy positions done right, instead of sidling up to the right, as is usually the case.

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