Associate Dean of Yale Law School Suspects Election Fraud

We,ve seen the piece before, but I had not noticed how "big wig" the author was...

Daily Kos :: Associate Dean of Yale Law School Suspects Election Fraud
Did lawyer-observers on Election Day miss fraud incidents?

This piece by Ian H. Solomon was published in the Hartford Courant Sunday, Nov. 14, 2004. I am reproducing it in full below.

Could we have been so naive?

Thousands of the country's most credentialed lawyers flocked to Florida to guarantee a fair election. Did we inadvertently miss an election debacle even greater than that of 2000 and negligently allow our client to concede?

I am a supporter of Sen. John F. Kerry and a critic of President Bush. I went to Florida because my mother, a Florida resident, asked me to help protect the right of all Florida citizens to vote and to ensure that all votes counted.

I walked the polling lines for early voting in Daytona Beach, distributing sample ballots and helping citizens understand their rights.


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