Asbestos Liability To Be On Bush Reform Agenda ?

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Asbestos Liability Should Be On Domestic Reform Agenda: "How to get the economy moving again is the dominant concern of most Americans. Tax cuts are a good place to start. Another necessary step is liability reform.

As President Bush noted in his State of the Union speech, 'No one has ever been healed by a frivolous lawsuit.' The administration is targeting medical malpractice litigation, but the change must be more far-reaching.

If meritless lawsuits succeed and huge judgments are imposed on the innocent, we all pay. Product costs and insurance premiums are higher; goods and services are no longer available. Companies disappear.

So it is with asbestos.

Growing Litigation

Unfortunately, breathing asbestos, once widely used as insulation, can result in a variety of harms, including mesothelioma, a deadly cancer. Companies should be held liable when they are responsible for the asbestos and people have been hurt. Neither is any longer a requirement for big judgments, however.

Asbestos litigation once was expected to shrink; in 2001, use of asbestos was barely 3% of the peak 1973 level. But a new study by Stephen Carrol and Deborah Hensler of the Rand Corp. reports that the number of suits has exploded from 21,000 in 1982 to 600,000 today. The total eventually might exceed 3 million."


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