Archaeologists needed in investigation of mass graves

DoJ needs MUTE Archeologists. Honest ones need not apply... -- law

Beyond the flashy advertisements aimed at luring additional recruits for the U.S. military is a stark, help-wanted notice posted on the Internet by the Justice Department and the Archaeological Institute of America:

The government is looking to hire up to seven archaeologists to assist in a widening investigation and excavation of mass graves and suspected grave sites in Iraq

The new recruits would be part of a second deployment of investigators and forensic analysts who have been assembling a catalog of evidence expected to be used against Saddam Hussein in his upcoming trial on charges of crimes against humanity.

Before the latest inspection of mass graves is completed in six months, investigators are expected to visit up to 10 potential sites across Iraq, according to the Justice Department job posting.

This year, U.S. and Iraqi authorities discovered a vast killing field where hundreds of bodies were found in trenches near Hatra in northern Iraq.

I wonder if the DoJ ever heard of this guys: Physicians for Human Rights (The ones who uncovered the story of the massacre of 4,000 Afghans by coalition forces while US troops watched, just by investigating mass graves in Afghanistan)


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