"Another Stolen Election?" Nader did it

I love a neocon with a fine sense of humor... They are so hard to find! - law

I’ve looked into this election and I think the vote was stolen. I differ with everyone else though: I think Ralph Nader stole it. Nader was kept off the ballot in many states by lawsuits from the D.N.C. Ralph would have done a lot better than he ever has in any other race because he was at least a comprehensible candidate as compared to John Kerry. But, because of the conspiracy from the Democrat National Committee he came out with very few votes even though he had far less positions to remember than John Kerry did.

Ralph is not stupid and knows if he can make the election favor George Bush, then he can have his revenge against the Democrats. As a side benefit he can start such a war between the Democrats and the Republicans that he might even win in 2008, especially if Hillary is the candidate. Furthermore, he can avoid any responsibility for cheating the election.

We all know Ralph is big on anti-corporate issues and has spies in the industry. I think he has spies within Diebold Corporation that hacked the election results in favor of George Bush. By going against all the pre-election polls and the exit polls, this leads to a huge Karl-Rove-stole-the-election conspiracy theory that the Democrats can cling to until 2008. This way it all gets blamed on the Republicans and Nader is a sure bet for running in 2008. Let me tell you, Old Ralph is one smart politician!

ChronWatch Poll!:
Democrats still in denial over defeat? '
Yes, and calling red states 'stupid' won't help (68.0%) 264 votes
No, developing their own progressive religion (4.1%) 16 votes
Yes, can't accept the Hispanic vote and women for Bush (9.5%) 37 votes
No, feel they are sure to get the youth vote next time (3.4%) 13 votes
Laughing too hard at the last one to post (14.9%) 58 votes

Total votes: 388"


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