Aid reaches Falluja's citizens

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Aid reaches Falluja's citizens: "Aid is finally flowing into Falluja, following the heavy US-led offensive that began nearly three weeks ago to wrest the city from rebel control.

The Iraqi Red Crescent told the BBC it was delivering aid on a daily basis.

But a spokesman says it is feared more than 6,000 people could have died in the assault and thousands of families are in critical need of assistance.

Meanwhile, Iraqi and US politicians have insisted elections will go ahead in January despite a plea for a delay.

A spokesman for Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's said the government was determined to hold the elections on 30 January despite calls by some political parties for a six-month delay because of deteriorating security.

US ambassador to Iraq John Negroponte also said the poll must go ahead on time."


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