5 hunters murdered, SKS assault rifle used

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i know that those of you who live in urban areas hear this kind of news all the time but here in rural wisconsin it is rare that something like this would happen. to fill in anyone who has not heard the news, 5 hunters (3 men, 1 teenage boy and 1 woman) were murdered by someone tresspassing on their privately owned - posted hunting land. This happened yesterday about noon in a very wooded region of the state about 30 miles from my home. Apparently the shooter was in a tree stand on private land when he was told to leave by the owner of the land. The shooter shot him and 2 others. One of the others had a walkie talkie and called for help back to their cabin. That's when the 5 others came out to help. 3 were shot in the back as they tried to run away. The shooter was caught about 5 hours later after a large manhunt. even though the victims were all from the Rice Lake area - in this part of the state people know each other from various communities. I'm posting this because I really cannot understand the mindset of those who still do not understand the need for stricter gun laws in this country. Wisconsin is a BIG hunting state - deer season had just started. I do support deer hunting because these animals are becoming way too numerous -causing many deer -car crashes in our state, damaging crops and many will starve to death during the winter due to lack of food. But I do not understand why anyone has to use an assault rifle to hunt deer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to start my comment, by saying that I have 2 sks rifles, 1 with folding stock and bayounet. The other is a sporster sks that is a little shorter, and takes a ak47 clip. The reason that I am telling you about the guns is that I love them, and I love the right I have as an american to own them. I have never even shot the guns,and might not ever shoot them,but it is something that I like and am very happy to own. It is horrible to hear what happened to those 5 people, and the guy who did it should die a slow and painful death. But I also know of a guy who intentionally ran down two people, with his car to kill them, and did kill them. But you can't take peoples cars away from them, anymore than you should be able to take away a man's guns away because somebody else is a insane criminal. Because if they take your rifle away from you, then they will take your pistol away from you, then they will take your hunting guns away from you, then they might just try to take your car away, so you can't run anyone down. Then imagine what else that they might want to take. As americans we need to hang on to the rights that we have as americans,that our four fathers fought and died for. I think that our government, is taking enough away from us by allowing illegal immigration, and the amnesty that our government seems to be ready to give the illegals. Their weakaning the lower and middle-classes rights as it is, and I am one who thinks that the government wants too much control over our lives, as it is. And they have proven in the recent political campaigns, how they can say one thing and mean another, to further their political interests. I don't trust them to deceide for me, things that I have a right to deceide myself. Like should I or should I not own an sks.

2/09/2008 02:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, the Sks is not an assault rifle. It isn't even close to fitting the criteria of an assault rifle. No matter what type of gun the man had he could have killed them. We just need to stop mentally unstable people from having guns

3/09/2008 06:24:00 PM  

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