The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds

The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds

When the would-be-voters were asked whether the nation was headed in the right direction, about 52-55% people have replied negatively. Under this scenario, the leadership change is all but assured. Mr. Bush and his campaign team may project an optimistic outlook as they spoke before the media tonight, but I feel that while Bush"

You wouldn't steal George, would ya?

Incumbents never make surges from their last horse race number.


1956 Eisenhower's final horserace projection 59.5%, his actual vote total 57.8%

1964: Johnson's final horse race projection 64%, his actual share of the vote 61.3%

In 1972 Nixon's final horse race projection tally 62%, his actual vote total 61.8%

In 1976 Ford's final horse race projection number 49%, his % share of the vote 48.1%.

In 1980, Carter's final horse projection numer 44%, his real % of the vote 41%.

In 1984 Reagan final horse race projection tally 59%, his real share of the popular vote 59.2%.

In 1996 Clinton's final horse race number 52%, his actual share of the vote 49.2%

The alleged miracle comeback of incumbent Harry Truman can not be included in this study because Gallup issued it's "final" result 2 weeks before the election.

In 2004 President Bush defied both public opinion and history to win the election 51 - 48.

How was this done? Simple...

Vote suppression/voter intimidation and deception. Shortages of voting locations and ballot forms. Foreign monitors barred from polls. Unmatched exit polls/actual results - actual results always skewed to Republicans. Masses of e-Voting "glitches". Computers lost votes. Presidential votes miscast on e-Voting machines throughout the US. More recorded votes than voters. Republicans gained 128.45% in Florida counties using optical scan voting machines while Democrats lost 21% - some districts showed gains of over 400% while one, Liberty County, gained over 700% for Republicans.Warren County officials locked down the county administration building on election night and blocked anyone from observing the vote count as the nation awaited Ohio's returns. Bush had 'incredible' vote tallies. 7% turnout reported in Cleveland precinct. In Cuyahoga County different towns had the exact same number of "extra" votes. And on, and on...


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