11/15/04 - Yahoo top stories

Secretary of State Powell Resigns

Reuters - 53 minutes ago
Secretary of State Colin Powell, who enjoyed enormous respect around the world, has resigned but will stay on until his replacement is named as Washington makes a new push for Middle East peace, officials said on Monday

Dollar's Decline Is Reverberating
Los Angeles Times - Sun Nov 14, 7:55 AM ET
If foreign investors look elsewhere, interest rates could climb and living standards could fal

Domestic terrorism: New trouble at home
USATODAY.com - Mon Nov 15, 6:30 AM ET
Since Sept. 11, the nation's attention has been focused on possible threats from Islamic terrorists. But home-grown terrorists have been steadily plotting and carrying out attacks in unrelated incidents across the nation, according to federal authorities and two organizations that monitor hate groups.

China Barrels Ahead in Oil Market
Los Angeles Times - Sun Nov 14, 7:55 AM ET
The country's hunt for the energy it needs to fuel its economy has led to deals in political hotspots, riling the U.S

These Unseen Wounds Cut Deep
Los Angeles Times - Sun Nov 14, 7:55 AM ET
A mental health crisis is emerging, with one in six returning soldiers afflicted, experts say.

Fewer death sentences imposed, report says
USATODAY.com - Mon Nov 15, 6:30 AM ET
The number of death row inmates fell for the third straight year in 2003, and there were fewer death sentences than in any year since 1973, the Justice Department reported Sunday.

Rules of War Broken in Falluja Assault -Amnesty
Reuters - Mon Nov 15, 7:30 AM ET
The rules of war protecting civilians and wounded combatants have been broken by both sides in the week-long assault on the Iraqi city of Falluja, the human rights group Amnesty International said on Monday.

Falluja Rebels Battle On; Clashes Across Iraq
Reuters - 6 minutes ago
U.S. warplanes bombarded hard core rebel areas of Falluja on Monday and troops hunted insurgents house-to-house, while heavy clashes broke out in other cities and insurgents attacked Iraq's oil network.

Trouble Spots Dot Iraqi Landscape
washingtonpost.com - 2 hours, 53 minutes ago
BAGHDAD, Nov. 14 -- The fighting started in Mosul two days after U.S. tanks entered Fallujah. Armed men appeared in a sudden tide on a main street in Iraq's third-largest city, a wide avenue where so many American convoys had been ambushed that locals nicknamed it "Death Street"

Energy Secretary Abraham Plans to Resign
Reuters - 58 minutes ago
U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, whose tenure saw U.S. crude oil prices soar to a record high of nearly $56 a barrel, is resigning but will stay in office until his successor is in place, an administration official said on Monday.

CIA Tumult Causes Worry in Congress
Los Angeles Times - Mon Nov 15, 7:55 AM ET
With deputy director's resignation and other rumblings, some air concerns and criticism

Israel, Palestinians Seek U.S. Favor Post -Powell
Reuters - 1 hour, 14 minutes ago
Israel and the Palestinians were unmoved by the resignation on Monday of Secretary of State Colin Powell, widely seen as having taken a back seat to the White House in steering Washington's Middle East policy.

Grenade marked `4 my buddy'
Chicago Tribune - Mon Nov 15, 9:40 AM ET
Sgt. Marc Veen, a 24-year-old Chicagoan, worked his way across the roof of a house on Route Henry and located an insurgent sniper who had set up his own rooftop vantage point a third of a mile away.

Looking for Voter Reform, Groups Keep Eyes on Ohio
Los Angeles Times - Sat Nov 13, 7:55 AM ET
A coalition probes problems at the polls as Libertarians and Greens work toward a recount

New Border Security Technology Faces Test
AP - Mon Nov 15,10:48 AM ET
Bridges to Mexico in this traffic-choked city began testing a new immigration security program Monday that requires some U.S. visitors to be fingerprinted and photographed as they cross the border.

NASA Jet Will Try to Go 7,000 MPH
AP - Mon Nov 15, 9:57 AM ET
In March, NASA launched an experimental jet that reached a record-setting speed of about 5,000 mph. Now researchers want to leave that milestone in the dust

CBS Fires Producer Who Broke Into 'CSI'
AP - Mon Nov 15,10:04 AM ET
CBS News has fired the producer responsible for breaking into "CSI: NY" last week for a special report on Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's death, a CBS executive said Monday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Stocks Narrowly Mixed on Lower Oil Prices
AP - 49 minutes ago
Stocks were narrowly mixed Monday as investors considered lower oil prices and several mergers and acquisitions, including Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.'s $1.5 billion bid for several candy brands from Kraft


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