A Typical Day For A Bush Lover!

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican was a mild one! This one is funnier, though not very flattering...

A Typical Day For A Bush Lover!
by: beento5continents

9:45: Wake up to wet bed! Get up and leave pi$$y sheets for mom to gather up and wash.

10AM: Log onto an internet message board, make fun of soldiers who want to come home, calling them gay from the comfort of the computer in mom’s basement. Compulsively mast*rbate, eat Cheetos and simultaneously search Internet medical databases for diseases that list "ORANGE PEN*S" as a symptom!

10:15AM: Hear news of Bush's latest FVCKUP and immediately decide that it was Clinton's fault!!

12:30PM: On the way to Dairy Queen for the hourly sundae, pass by the Veterans hospital, and not even give it a passing glance.

1:28: Steal the change out of the cup of a legless sleeping vet

2:35: Call in to the local fat and lonely radio conservative’s show and give the thumbs up to the president for the phenomenal job of cutting veterans benefits…while the “support our troops” sticker flakes off the back of the old 87 Dodge.

3:15: Mom brings down lunch. Down it with a milkshake and some oxy. Continue eating Cheetos and mast*rbating and resume searching for "ORANGE PEN*S" disease!

5:38: Tune into the Fox News channel for some fair and balanced reporting. Word has it 3 troops died in a roadside bombing in Fallujah, 7 injured. Being a patriotic news station, they aren’t showing the death and destruction and being all negative like those Commies over at the BBC.

6:40: Check out WorldNetDaily.com to read up on the plot between Yassir Arafat , Kim Il Jong and Princess Iranian Bomblady III, who are building a giant Arab robot that can transform into a city and destroy all freedom loving countries within 45 minutes.

8:15: Mom calls out for dinner.

9:30: Reads about soldiers being disciplined for daring to criticize the great great war, and not having enough bullet proof vests to go around, and having their mail censored, and the constant stomach flu, and all other kinds of gay complaints only a liberal queer could make.

10:30: Fall asleep j*rking off to fake Ann Coulter Photoshop p*rn jobs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beento%continents is a typical Army sergeant. Thinks she can run the Army (if not the cournty) better than her superiors. Wastes countless taxpayer dollars working at a meaningless Army job--simply because she couldn't get the greeter position at Wal-Mart. Hates Republicans because she, like ALL Army sergeants, considers herself a "victim" of the ruling class. Probably unahppy because GWB ordered her to deploy so that she would actually HAVE to earn the paycheck she's been stealing all of these years. From the frequency of her postings, one cannot help but note that she's been working the blogs and message boards while on duty, using a DoD computer. the moderator, who is ALSO a flaming liberal, will no doubt, prohibit this from publication. Truth hurts, eh, Comrade?

8/15/2010 01:04:00 PM  

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