CNN poll: Bush maintains 7-point lead over Gore - October 29, 2000

Last Time Gallup Right? 1984

1. 1984 was the last time Gallup got it right
2. 4 elections since then: 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000
3. They have been wrong outside the margin of error 3 out of 4 of those elections. Always underestimating DEM votes
4. The average difference between their final poll and the actual outcome was greater than the margin of error.
5. In 2000, as Dick Morris puts it, "All the polls were wrong except Zogby. Who said this about Zogby ? NewsMax

my favorite GALLUP LIES link

Just days before the last election Gallup was STILL LYING.

CNN poll: Bush maintains 7-point lead over Gore - October 29, 2000

In the past, the poll has shown Bush with at least 48 percent of support for five consecutive days, and Gore with no more than 43 percent during that same length of time

Gore won the election with 49% of the votes days later...

Curiously on their final 2000 poll, Gallup only had Gore trailing Bush by 2% (and they were still off by -2.4%)

Psy Ops + Marketing = Karl Rove

What you are seeing is the result of Rove's mastermind, plus techniques gathered from marketing and the military Psi Ops.

Remember when the Iraqi Information Minister said "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!" while american tanks could be seen in the background of him giving this statement ?

Bush was doing so lousy in the polls that a lot of GOPpies were abandoning the boat.
So Rove pulled his favorite trick, manipulated polls, or so called Rove's Push Polls to tell a different story....

This election race is not for the faint of heart. Don't believe everything you read on the so called "liberal media".


From Kerry's board

Why you should never trust Gallup.

A Quiz:

1 - When is the last time that Gallup accurately predicted the outcome of a presidential election?
2 - How many elections have there been since then?
3 - Of those elections that have been held since
their last accurate poll, how often has Gallup been wrong by 3% or more?
4 - Of those elections that have been held since their last accurate poll, what has been the average error between their final poll results and the actual outcome of the poll?


1 - 1984 was the last time Gallup got it right
2 - Four - 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000
3 - They have been wrong outside the margin of
error 3 out of 4 of those elections
4 - The average difference between their final
poll and the actual outcome was greater than the margin of error

See for yourself Gallup Poll Accuracy Record
2000     Bush     48.0     47.9     +0.1

            Gore     46.0     48.4     -2.4

and in 1984 (or so)Mr. Gallup died.
The highly esteemed polling company is now owned by a major GOP donor.

they haven't "just" been wrong - they've often been projecting larger GOP totals than reality

Gee - now why might a GOP donor's company do that?

Are they biased or just incompetent? Either way - they are as wrong as W is.

by: its simple IF you ignore the complexity)

Just days before the 2000 election Gallup was STILL LYING
CNN poll: Bush maintains 7-point lead over Gore - October 29, 2000

WASHINGTON (CNN) - GOP presidential candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush continued to maintain an advantage over Democratic Vice President Al Gore in Sunday's CNN/USA Today/Gallup tracking poll.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said they supported Bush while 42 percent said they would vote for Gore, no change at all from Saturday's poll.

In the past, the poll has shown Bush with at least 48 percent of support for five consecutive days, and Gore with no more than 43 percent during that same length of time.

Curiously their final poll, days later only had Gore trailing Bush by 2%

2000: All the polls were wrong except Zogby
1 - In 2000, as Dick Morris puts it, "All the polls were wrong except Zogby.

2 - Of all the pollsters monitoring the 2000 election, Zogby made the most accurate prediction of the down-to-the-wire race for president

3 - In 1994 Zogby alone predicted that George Pataki would unseat then New York Gov. Mario Cuomo

4 - In 1996 Zogby accurately and solely predicted the ultimate margin of victory for Bill Clinton over Bob Dole in that year's presidential election.

Who said this about Zogby ? NewsMax

Not even GOP PR machines trust Gallup

GOYK.COM - Bush's Drunk Interview

Golden oldie

Bush stand on abortion

From the Kerry-Edwards Online Forum
GW on abortion - does not support except rape, incest, mother's life and health

Do his staunch Christian supports know this ?

When Clinton vetoed abortion bill he was given (and was attacked by Christian right) he said he could not vote for it because it did not include these options
Here's another thing the Christians will never know (and this could really hurt Bush in certain states), but it won't because the Democrats aren't pointing it out

The Government made the CDC stop gathering statistics on abortion during Bush's term in office. That data has to exist somewhere.

Wouldn't it be an embarrassment to Bush if the poor economy and atmosphere of despair during his term in office had actually led to an INCREASE in the abortion rate during his term in office?

Too bad no one knows for sure.

Congress gave W the keys, then he crashed the car:The Iraq war vote soundbyte

Congress gave W the keys, then he crashed the car

Looove it!

He gave you the keys, then you crashed the car


Kerry's view

Jim McNelis
Published September 25, 2004

Skokie -- President Bush is getting confused. He doesn't understand John Kerry's position on Iraq. As a plain talker, he seems to like
simple phrases, so I'll give this a shot: Kerry voted to give you the
car keys. Then you crashed the car. Pretty simple, huh?
Jim McNelis
Published September 25, 2004

Skokie -- President Bush is getting confused. He doesn't understand John Kerry's position on Iraq. As a plain talker, he seems to like simple phrases, so I'll give this a shot: Kerry voted to give you the car keys. Then you crashed the car. Pretty simple, huh?"

Baghdad Bob Has Joined the Bush Team!!

We Are Winning!!!

We are winning! Be assured. Baghdad is safe, protected. The people line the streets with grenades flowers for Americans. Who Terrorists are in control? They are not in control of anything - they don't even control themselves! We are in control. They are in a state of hysteria. Losers, they think that by killing civilians and trying to distort the feelings of the people they will win. I think they will not win, those bastards. No I am not scared, and neither should you be!

Dire Prophecy: As Prices Soar, Doomsayers Provoke Debate on Oil's Future

Published on Tuesday, September 21, 2004 by The Wall Street Journal

BALLYDEHOB, Ireland -- As he sat last month in his book-lined study, Colin Campbell got a phone call that made him shriek with joy.

'Holy Mother!' he yelped after he put down the receiver. 'The good ol' moment's arrived!'

The call had brought word that the price of crude oil was shooting up -- a climb that, in the days that followed, would take it to near $50 a barrel. To Dr. Campbell, a 73-year-old retired oil-industry geologist who lives in this coastal Irish village, this was sweet vindication. It meant that the 'moment' he had been predicting for about 15 years -- the beginning of the end of the age of oil -- might finally be at hand.

Dr. Campbell is at the center of a small but suddenly influential band of contrarians known as the peak-oil movement. They see cause for alarm in the fact that since the early 1980s the world has been pumping more oil out of the ground than it's been finding. By as early as next year, they say, humanity will have reached a point of reckoning: It will have extracted half the oil it will ever get. Once that 'peak' is reached, Dr. Campbell says, global oil production will start falling, never to rise again.

The peak would mark the end of cheap oil. Although people would probably keep using oil for another century or so, prices would steadily rise. To maintain economic growth, the world would have to become radically more energy-efficient, shifting quickly to alternatives such as solar and nuclear power. If the switch wasn't fast enough -- an outcome Dr. Campbell thinks more likely -- the global economy would screech to a halt.

"The perception of this decline changes the entire world we know," says Dr. Campbell, whose wife affectionately calls him Mr. Doomsday. "Up till now we've been living in a world with the assumption of growth driven by oil. Now we have to face the other side of the mountain."

People have been incorrectly predicting oil's demise since the industry's early days, and the peak-oil movement has yet to make a serious dent in the energy policies of the U.S. and other developed nations. But the debate is flaring up with new intensity because of some powerful forces changing the geopolitics of oil, among them the rise of an oil-guzzling China and persistent instability in the Middle East and Russia.

The oil industry calls Dr. Campbell a crackpot. Since he began writing about a looming peak, the industry notes, he has progressively postponed his predicted date, from 1995 to 2005. This roughness of the numbers, the industry says, points to a more fundamental problem with the peak-oil theory: It underestimates the power of technology to find more oil -- indeed, to broaden the concept of oil itself.

That this debate can occur points to a striking fact: Nobody really knows how much oil exists. More to the point, nobody knows how much can be gotten out of the ground. Much of the oil lies in places with volatile politics, including the Middle East, Russia and Africa. Further complicating the calculation: Beyond the pool of conventional oil that the industry can easily extract today lie vast stores of hydrocarbons that, until recently, haven't been thought of as oil. Among them: tar-soaked sands in Canada and oil-laden shale rock in places including the western U.S.

So far, over the approximately 150 years since the first oil well was drilled, the world has burned through about 900 billion barrels. Dr. Campbell thinks the world will be able to pump out about that much more. The industry, however, contends Dr. Campbell is being far too pessimistic. Exxon Mobil Corp., for instance, estimates there are something like 14 trillion barrels of fossil fuel still in the ground, including the tar-soaked sands and other nonconventional forms. It figures the industry can extract a good chunk of that.

BW Online | July 29, 2004 | The Unbearable Costs of Empire

The Unbearable Costs of Empire
Establishment types are trumpeting America's role as global police force. Too bad the U.S. just can't afford the job

Since September 11, 2001, the phrases "American empire" and "America as an imperial power" are being heard a lot more. But in contrast to the 1960s and 1970s, when such terms were brandished by an angry domestic anti-war movement or by developing nations in U.N. debates, the concept they represent has now at least partially entered the mainstream. However much it has incurred hostility throughout most of the world, including European and other countries usually allied with the U.S., the "new imperialism" has gained ground among the Establishment here.

The post-9/11 rationale is that America has terrorist enemies and rogue states that will do it serious harm -- maybe even with weapons of mass destruction -- if it doesn't police the world to stop them. "Being an imperial power is more than being the most powerful nation," writes Michael Ingatieff at Harvard's Kennedy Center. "It means enforcing such order as there is in the world and doing so in the American interest."

But what most analysts have missed –- whether or not they support the idea of an American empire -- is that the U.S. simply can't afford the role of global cop.

THE REAL DEBT. First, the U.S. is entering this new age of empire with a gross federal debt that is the highest in more than 50 years as a percentage of gross domestic product. For fiscal 2005, which begins in October, the U.S. gross federal debt is projected to be $8.1 trillion, or 67.5% of GDP. By the time 100,000 U.S. troops were in Vietnam in 1965, it was 46.9% and falling.

One technical point that's vitally important here: It's the gross federal debt and deficits that matter, not the smaller "debt held by the public" and "unified budget deficit" that are generally cited in the press. For example, the most commonly reported estimate of the annual federal budget deficit is $478 billion for 2004. But this number is misleading, because it doesn't include borrowing from federal trust funds -- mostly Social Security and Medicare.

But the money the government is borrowing from Social Security and other trust funds will, with nearly 100% certainty, be paid back -- just like the money it borrows when it sells bonds to Bill Gates or the Chinese government. The annual federal budget deficit is, therefore, $639 billion, according to the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office. This is 5.6% of GDP, a near-record level for the post-World War II era.

BORROWING FROM ABROAD. America can –- just barely -- afford this deficit right now, but that's about to change. First, the interest burden on the debt is currently manageable because of extremely low interest rates. But the Fed is expected to raise short-term rates to 2% by yearend. More important, long-term rates will almost certainly rise even more because inflation has accelerated to 4.9% over the last six months -- a big jump from 2003's 1.9%.

If Kerry wins and takes back the tax cut for households earning more than $200,000 a year, as promised, that won't even reduce the deficit by 1% of GDP. And if he keeps his spending promises, then the monies realized by repealing the tax cut would be canceled out. The Bush budget, which the conservative CATO Institute's Chairman Bill Niskanen recently described as "a fraud" put together by "borrow and spend Republicans," would make the deficit and debt problem even worse.

Then there's the problem of the U.S. –- both the government and the private sector –- borrowing from foreign countries. Most government borrowing is now being financed from overseas -- especially the central banks of China, Japan, and other countries. These institutions are deliberately buying dollars in order to keep their currencies from rising against the greenback. But they won't keep doing this indefinitely. The U.S. is borrowing more than $600 billion a year from the rest of the world, and it can't go on much longer.

THE BIG BANG. Sometime within a decade, and most likely in the next couple of years, foreign investors will see that a steep decline of the dollar is unavoidable and will begin to unload them and U.S. Treasury securities. As with any bubble, it will be better if this one bursts sooner rather than later, when it would be even bigger. But adjustment and pain will still occur, including higher interest rates and consequently slower growth.

Slower growth will also mean larger federal budget deficits. And one event that will certainly slow growth and increase federal government borrowing well beyond current projections is the bursting of the housing bubble. Housing prices have seen an unprecedented run-up since 1995 of more than 35 percentage points above the rate of inflation. That has created more than $3 trillion in paper wealth that –- just like the illusory wealth of the stock-market bubble -- is programmed to disappear. This, too, is almost certain to happen in the next few years.

The economic impact will be at least equivalent to that of equities popping in 2000-02, which caused the last recession. Another slump is, therefore, likely in the near future, and with it a further ballooning of the federal budget deficit, as tax revenues fall and automatic countercyclical spending rises.

CHINA RISING. The combination of unsustainable public debt and foreign debt is a deadly and explosive mix by itself. Rising real interest rates and a looming housing bubble bursting make it all the more dangerous. Financial markets will exert the necessary discipline if politicians refuse to do so, but either way the U.S. can't afford even the $486 billion a year that it's currently spending annually on the military and homeland security.

And even these spending levels are a lot less than would be necessary to maintain America's power in the world. Over the next decade or so, the Chinese economy will actually surpass the U.S. in size. America has 100,000 troops in East Asia. If the U.S. were to try to maintain its current dominance of the region -- something that will probably prove impossible -- it would boost our military spending even further.

The bottom line is that the American empire just isn't affordable. Within a decade or so, the U.S. will be forced to be much less preemptive and outward-looking and to engage in scaled-back foreign policy -- even if the foreign-policy Establishment never changes its views or ambitions.

REALITY CHECK. In the meantime, the segment of American society that would like to see advances in health care, education, poverty alleviation, or any other positive economic or social goals will get bad news. The foreseeable future is a lot different from most of the post-World War II era, during which the U.S. added such programs as Medicare and Medicaid while spending literally trillions of dollars on cold and hot wars.

This time, little or no federal money will be available for any of these things until U.S. foreign policy changes. The most likely scenario is that most areas of nonmilitary discretionary spending will be squeezed relentlessly before anything gives in the realm of superpower ambitions.

The post-9/11 age of American empire will close not with a bang but a whimper, suffocated by the laws of arithmetic, the constraints of public financing, and the limits of foreign borrowing. What remains to be determined is how much the U.S. will pay -- in lost and ruined lives, as well as bills for future generations -- and how many enemies it will make throughout the world, before coming to grips with reality.

Refinancing Bubble Bursting ? Fannie Mae shares drop 13 percent in three days

Refinancing Bubble Bursting ? Fannie Mae shares drop 13 percent in three days

WASHINGTON (AP) - Shares of Fannie Mae fell again on Friday, capping a three-day slide of more than 13 percent, as investor concerns widened after a government regulator accused top executives of the mortgage giant of mismanagement and serious accounting misdeeds.

While the impact so far has been limited to shareholders, the fallout could eventually reach millions of Americans if they have to pay higher rates for new mortgages for home purchases or refinancings, analysts say. That could be one of the consequences if Fannie Mae is forced to pay higher rates on its nearly $1 trillion in debt.

Fannie Mae and another government-sponsored mortgage financer, Freddie Mac, purchase billions of dollars of mortgages each year from banks and other mortgage lenders, then package them into bonds that are resold to investors. While they are not directly guaranteed by the government, they have special privileges - notably the ability to borrow directly from the U.S. Treasury, which makes their borrowing rates lower than competing firms.

The two companies, whose stock and debt is widely held by investors in the United States and throughout the world, have long contended that home buyers - especially low-income borrowers - have benefited from lower mortgage rates because of their ability to provide a standard way for the loans to be bundled and resold to investors.

But now that both of the firms have become embroiled in accounting scandals within 15 months of each other, their days of low-rate borrowing could be in danger. The Standard & Poor's rating agency said on Thursday that it is considering downgrading some of Fannie Mae's debt. Investors typically demand higher rates from companies with reduced credit ratings as compensation for the increased risk they assume.

Fannie Mae's shares fell $1.64, or 2.4 percent, to a 52-week low of $65.51 in trading Friday on the New York Stock Exchange. The shares closed roughly $10 higher on Tuesday before word of the regulatory findings."

Daily Kos :: Barreling Toward Disaster

Barreling Toward Disaster
by randym77

Sun Sep 26th, 2004 at 11:33:11 CDT

The Washington Post has a front page story about how the Bush administration has encouraged the energy industry to loot public lands, regardless of the impact on the environment. Even Westerners who used to support the energy industry are appalled.

So, has it helped? No. This article from Bloomberg has some sobering information, hidden in the dry financial language.

Diaries :: randym77's diary ::

Bush has resisted opening up the Strategic Oil Reserve - until this week. Because of the hurricanes (not to mention the looming election), he finally caved this week, announcing that 1.4 million barrels would be released. But oil prices didn't drop. Instead, they closed at $48.88, a record high. Traders felt that 1.4 million barrels wasn't nearly enough.

Even worse was this part:

U.S. crude-oil stockpiles fell 9.1 million barrels to 269.5 million in the week ended Sept. 17, the Energy Department said. Inventories are 5.8 million barrels from being the lowest since September 1975. It was the first time since 1988 that supplies had dropped for eight straight weeks. Refineries ran at 88.1 percent of capacity last week, a 7.6 percentage point decline.

Inventory is falling at a time that it should be growing. And even the financial types are starting to realize we could be in trouble:

"It looks like we're entering a phase that will take the price to unbelievable highs," said Chuck Hackett, a broker and analyst at Access Futures & Options Trading, a commodity futures brokerage in Woodlake, California.

This week, the stock market gave back months' worth of gains in only a few days - at least partly for fear of high oil prices. Consumers will pay hundreds of dollars more for home heating oil this winter, and more and more of their budgets have been going toward gasoline. That's a stiff headwind for the economy at best, and perhaps even a harbinger of impending recession.

George W. Bush, oilman that he is, has done everything in his power to help the energy industry. (Including, according to some, declare war on a country that was no threat to us - but did happen to have the world's second-largest oil reserves.) He's trashed environmental regulations, given cushy tax breaks to oil companies, and gotten his Saudi pals to promise lower oil prices by the election. So why are oil prices higher than ever? None other than the Wall Street Journal is suggesting that "peak oil" may be upon us.

Whether or not Hubbert's Peak has arrived, we are clearly going to be facing very high energy costs. Combined with the exploding debt and the real estate bubble (or at least the refinancing bubble), there may be an economic maelstrom awaiting the new President Kerry when he takes office next year.

Fight the Freepers: Push CBS to air WMD story

Short version: CBS news is dumping a story on the bogus rationale(s) for the Iraq war until after the election, obviously in response to right-wing pressure. Fight back. E-mail CBS at kee@cbsnews.com, kfa@cbsnews.com, smg@cbsnews.com, 60II@cbsnews.com, audsvcs@cbs.com

Quoth AmericaBlog:
This is evidence of what happens when the right-wingers go ape shit and we do NOTHING. CBS got the crap beaten out of it by the freepers and we didn't respond. So now CBS has announced that it won't do any reporting that is critical of Bush until AFTER the election. Lovely. So Iraq is clearly off the table. The economy too. National Guard Service is a given. Cocaine. The environment. That pretty much sums up everything. This is when someone needs to set up a campaign to blast the crap out of CBS from OUR side. In an effort to be unbiased, they're now going to be biased for Bush. Not to mention, with all due respect to their National Guard story, there wasn't much new 'news' to it, so for them to play all 'woe is us, we unfairly influenced the election' is a bit much. Guys, it was a fun story, but 99% of the facts were already out there.

Email CBS a piece of your mind.

Web feedback form.

BY PHONE: 212-975-3247,(212) 975-3691, (202) 457-4385
CBS FAX: 212-975-1998

Also feel free to contact:
Mel Karmazin, President, CBS Corporation
VIACOM/CBS Corporation
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036
My e-mail to CBS is in the extended text -- would love to see others' there as well.

Yahoo! News - Soldier Blogs Detail Life in Iraq

Iraq (news - web sites) war blogs are as varied as the soldiers who write them. Some sites feature practical news, war pictures and advice. Some are overtly political, with more slanting to the right than to the left. Some question the war, some cheer it. While some military bloggers (or milbloggers) say their commanders have encouraged their online literary ventures, a few say their commanders have shut them down.

For the folks back home, soldier blogs offer details of war that don't make it into most news dispatches: The smell of rotten milk lingering in a poor neighborhood. The shepherd boys standing at the foot of a guard tower yelling requests for toothbrushes and sweets. The giant camel spiders. The tedium of long walks to get anything from a shower to a meal. A burning oil refinery a hundred miles away blocking the sun. A terrifying night raid surprised by armed enemies dressed in black.

Spc. Colby Buzzell and a handful of others write unvarnished war reporting. But many of these blogs have been shut down.

Buzzell's squad was on a mission in a poor neighborhood in Mosul when two Iraqi boys ran up carrying old artillery shells. 'Give me a dollar!' they said.

Another came carrying bullets and demanding money.

'Then, all of a sudden, this really skinny Iraqi kid comes running up to us with a f---- HAND GRENADE in his hand,' Buzzell wrote on his war blog. ' 'Drop the f---- hand grenade! Drop it now!' We all started yelling. The little kid, still with this proud smile on his face that said, 'Look what I just found' just dropped the grenade on the ground, and walked over to my squad leader and said, 'Give me money!''

The grenade didn't go off....

Will you have Freedom Fries with that Plutonium Order ?

"U.S. Ships Weapon-Grade Plutonium to France:

A shipment of weapon-grade plutonium is now heading by ship from the United States to France, the Associated Press reported Monday (see GSN, Sept. 17).

An armored ship carrying the materials and escorted by a second ship has left U.S. shores, according to U.S. officials, who would not specify when the shipment departed due to security concerns.

Plans call for the plutonium to be converted into nuclear fuel at a French reactor, and then returned to the United States for testing at a commercial reactor. The United States does not have a conversion plant."


TEHRAN 14 Dec. (IPS) One of Iran�s most influential ruling cleric called Friday on the Muslim states to use nuclear weapon against Israel, assuring them that while such an attack would annihilate Israel, it would cost them 'damages only'.

'If a day comes when the world of Islam is duly equipped with the arms Israel has in possession, the strategy of colonialism would face a stalemate because application of an atomic bomb would not leave any thing in Israel but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world', Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani told the crowd at the traditional Friday prayers in Tehran.

Analysts said not only Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani�s speech was the strongest against Israel, but also this is the first time that a prominent leader of the Islamic Republic openly suggests the use of nuclear weapon against the Jewish State.

'It seems that Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani is forgetting that due to the present intertwinement of Israel and Palestine, the destruction of the Jewish State would also means the mass killing of Palestinian population as well', observed one Iranian commentator.

While Israel is believed to possess between 100 to 200 nuclear war heads, the Islamic Republic and Iraq are known to be working hard to produce their own atomic weapons with help from Russia and North Korea, Pakistan, also a Muslim state, has already a certain number of nuclear bomb.

In a lengthy speech to mark the so-called 'International Qods (Jerusalem) Day' celebrated in Iran only, Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani, who, as the Chairman of the Assembly to Discern the Interests of the State, is the Islamic Republic�s number two man after Ayatollah Ali Khameneh�i, said since Israel was an emanation of Western colonialism therefore 'in future it will be the interests of colonialism that will determine existence or non-existence of Israel'.

Mr. Hashemi-Rafsanjani made the unprecedented threat as, following new suicide operations inside Israel and against Israeli settlements by Palestinian extremists in PA-controlled zones, responded by Israel�s heaviest bombarding of Palestinian cities, police, communication and radio-television installations, killing and wounding more than 200 people on both sides, resulted in the halting of all contacts between Israel and the PA of Mr. Yaser Arafat."

Catastrophic success

Bush also acknowledged in the interview that the administration did not anticipate the nature of the resistance in Iraq, and he said that was his greatest mistake in office. 'Had we had to do it over again,' he said, 'we would look at the consequences of catastrophic success, being so successful so fast that an enemy that should have surrendered or been done in escaped and lived to fight another day.'

Democrats tried Sunday to exploit that acknowledgment. 'The president is now describing his Iraq policy as a catastrophic success,' Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards said in Washington. 'I, like most Americans, have no idea what that means, but it is long past time for this president to accept personal responsibility for his failures and for his performance.' Edwards said the Iraq war 'has clearly been a failure.'"


portland imc - 2004.09.18 - Cheney Protester Assaulted in Eugene

Cheney Protester Assaulted in Eugene
author: Pelican
Free speech in a headlock again...
A chilling aspect of the 6:00 news report on Cheney's Eugene bund rally yesterday was the completely tolerated violent group assault on a protester. A man in a white t-shirt with "Pro-Jesus, Bring the Troops Home" written on it began shouting during Cheney's speech. A 66 year old man, Art Briga of Springfield, in a red-orange jacket, lunged at the protester and put him in a wrestling headlock -- with a hand clamped over the protester's mouth. Another man shoved the protester backwards as others began pulling the protester from behind. The protester's female companion (similar t-shirt) seemed to be appealling to them to stop the assualt. The TV report then showed the man (Art Briga) who committed the initial assault outside after the rally, saying that protesters are "snakes in the grass" and need to be stamped down.

This is certainly similar to the hand-over-mouth assault on Kendra in Beaverton during the Bush bund rally, and a pictured hair-pulling attack on another protester inside another Republican rally recently. The double standard is obvious -- imagine if a protester did such a thing -- we would be doing time. But apparently for Bu$h/Cheney supporters it is open season on protesters, with impunity. The violent attack in Eugene was so obvious that Cheney himself had to mention it: "Treat him with kindness, now."

News reports below. And note Cheney's description of the Willamette Valley as a "piece of real estate."


Protestors greet Cheney in Eugene, Portland

09:08 PM PDT on Friday, September 17, 2004
By kgw.com and AP Staff
EUGENE -- Standing underneath a giant American flag, Vice Predident Dick Cheney spoke to a boisterous crowd of about 3,000 inside a Monaco Coach Corp., hangar at the Eugene airport on Friday afternoon.

A few minutes into his speech, while Cheney was touting the Bush administration's record in the Iraq war, an unidentified protester wearing a white T-shirt that said "Pro-Jesus. Bring home the troops now," started shouting "Stop the war!"

Audience member Art Briga, a former U.S. Marine from Springfield, then ran up from behind the protester, and grabbed him in a headlock, until security guards could escort the protester and a friend out of the hangar.

"I thought it was discourteous for him to do that. That was the Vice President of the United States," Briga said.

As the two were being led out of the hangar, Cheney quipped, "Treat them kindly now.

LA Weekly: News: Condom Wars

Condom Wars
New guidelines gut HIV prevention — and endanger young people’s lives
by Doug Ireland

Lethal new regulations from President Bush’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, quietly issued with no fanfare last week, complete the right-wing Republicans’ goal of gutting HIV-prevention education in the United States. In place of effective, disease-preventing safe-sex education, little will soon remain except failed programs that denounce condom use, while teaching abstinence as the only way to prevent the spread of AIDS. And those abstinence-only programs, researchers say, actually increase the risk of contracting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

MSNBC - How to Pick a War President

Interesting question from MSNBC. While trying to maintain neutrality, I think they prove Bush is the wrong guy...

MSNBC - How to Pick a War President

The first test .. What kind of conflict are we in? The Bush administration has striven to make the case that we are in a war much like World War II. It's a powerful interpretation because, if accepted, it gives the administration a virtual carte blanche.

The second challenge for the candidates is to explain what would constitute success. Here Bush has been .. remarkably successful --despite what is actually happening in Iraq-- because Bush is telling Americans ... what they want to think about the mission in Iraq.

Bush's central problem is with the third factor: the path to success ... he appears unaware of the situation on the ground in Iraq. This is NOT the view of the CIA and almost all journalists and experts in Iraq.

Great wartime leaders know that they owe their public bad news as well as good.

Bush's refusal to acknowledge mistakes is not simply an image problem. The administration made its gravest mistakes in Iraq because it did not want to accept that the reality on the ground was different from its theories. It refused to recognize the need for a larger force, which was obvious within days of the fall of Baghdad and the collapse of order in Iraq. ("Freedom is messy," Donald Rumsfeld explained, dismissing the matter.) It did not want to see that a nakedly American occupation was generating anti-Americanism. It did not want to accept that its plans were not working...

Yahoo! News - US combat stress control pushed to limits in Iraq

This is why I never blame the troops...

BAIJI, Iraq (AFP) - Combat stress control might be a relatively new byword in US Army jargon, but it's being pushed to the limits in Iraq (news - web sites) where an average of 1.86 American soldiers die and more than 13 are wounded every day.

But if the steady trickle of US deaths has been sidelined in media coverage increasingly paralysed by headline-grabbing suicide bombings and the kidnapping of foreigners, no one who has seen a friend blown to death will ever be the same

....fighting an insurgency thousands of miles away from home where few feel welcome, staring death in the face each time they leave the base and working 12 hours a day, the stresses and strains of life in Iraq can often become too much.

Battle fatigue and the horror of close combat can lead to depression, sickness, drastic weight loss and recurrent nightmares, the US military says.

For about two thirds who experience difficulties in Iraq, the monotony of a demanding six-day routine and broken relationships adds up to 'operational stress', say combat counsellors woven into the military over the past decade.

Yahoo! News - China overtakes United States as top destination for foreign investment


GENEVA (AFP) - China overtook the United States as a top global destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2003 while the Asia-Pacific region attracted more investment than any other developing region, a UN report said.

China's strong manufacturing industry helped the country attract FDI last year worth 53.5 billion dollars, compared with 52.7 billion in 2002, the United Nations (news - web sites) Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said in its annual report on investment flows.

Yahoo! News - U.S. Economic Gauge Signals Weakness

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A key gauge of future economic activity weakened for a third straight month in August as costlier oil spread worry among consumers and businesses, a report from a business research group showed on Thursday .

The Index of Leading Indicators, issued by the Conference Board (news - web sites), fell 0.3 percent in Aug to 115.7 after a matching 0.3 percent decline in July and a 0.1 percent drop in June, raising questions about the durability of the economy's expansion.

The last non PC general who fought against Muslims

The last non PC general who fought against Muslims

He ruled his military kingdom of Wallachia, southern Romania, with a heavy and blood-soaked fist. To not only the Turks but also to many of his own countrymen he was Vlad The Impaler, or Dracula - Son of the Dragon.

During his tenure, he killed by the droves, impaling on a forest of spikes around his castle thousands of subjects who he saw as either traitors, would-be traitors or enemies to the security of Romania and the Roman Catholic Church. Sometimes, he slew merely to show other possible insurgents and criminals just what their fate would be if they became troublesome.

Because Wallachia, his province, sat directly above the open Danube River Plain, which separated the Ottoman Empire from free Romania, his kingdom was the frontal defense against the non- Christian Turks. Despite his cruelties and severe punishments, and because of his seething hatred for anything Turkish, he is considered today a national hero by the populace until today

It was no idle choice that Bram Stoker chose the factual Impaler as the model for his nosferatu, his "undead" vampire


The Turks

The Ottoman Turks had descended from a large conglomeration of other tribes in Asia Minor in the late 13th Century. "(Their) roots rested on Islamic foundations, but from the start it was a heterogeneous mixture of ethnic groups and religious creeds," reads Turkey: A Country Study, a report effected by the Library of Congress' foreign research library. "Muslims were thereby lumped together...and Turks as such were Turkish-speaking Sunni-Muslims."

During the 14th Century, their hordes began to move westward, gulping down at first only small states within the Eastern World, those belonging to other nomadic peoples. Spreading out, they soon infiltrated Western borders, seizing Bulgarian lands and penetrating the corps of the Holy Roman Empire. By the time of Dracula's birth, in the winter of 1431, the Ottomans ruled a vast territory that stretched from the Occidental East to the corners of Western Europe. Their first inroad into accessing Europe was none other than Romania.

Going mad in Turkish captivity
When his father answered to an invitation for a truce in Turkey, a 13-year-old Dracula and nine-year-old brother Radu were arrested and kept as Turkish prisoners for 4 years where they suffered various tortures to mind and body. Dracula learned to detest his captivers for their cruelty. Not knowing if and when he might be next, he imagined, if he survived, a day that he could inflict such torment on the Turks. Battered, starving, cut, singed and now having to view what the Turks did several times a week just beyond his windowsill, he probably went mad.

A reign of terror
At 25, upon his coronation as prince, he announced that the people should look upon him rather as a voivode, a warrior prince, ruling his domain henceforth as if under martial law, where there is one sovereign, one decision-maker. Because the reality of the Turks imposed a constant threat upon the land, he considered Wallachia a war state, and a war state requires tougher government.

To strengthen his cornerstone of power, Voivode Dracula reestablished a local church hierarchy that would be more apt to resign itself to his customized government. Princes in those days often had the say-so to manipulate the ministerial organizations, and Dracula wasted no time, for instance, replacing foreign abbots with Wallachian priests.

Prince Dracula's "reign of terror," as even contemporary texts called it, lasted from 1456 to 1462. No one was safe from the voivode's deadly decrees. By today's standards, he would be called a mass murderer. Most of his killings were politically targeted against domestic and foreign enemies but sometimes he killed merely because he was bored. He hanged his victims, stretched them on the rack, burned them at the stake, boiled them alive, but mostly impaled them.
Estimated numbers of victims vary between 30,000 and more than 100,000... Dracula was not insane; that is what the scholars tell us. He knew right and wrong, and the difference. A brilliant political leader for his time and a devious military commander, he practiced both heaven and hell, whatever mode fit to conquer a land and hold it.

psychological Warfare
Faced with the attack of the gargantuan Turkish machine of 250,000 that crossed the Danube in May, 1462 and knowing he was humiliatingly outmanned, Dracula determined to make the road to Tirgoviste a calamitous one. He felled trees in the invaders' path, poisoned the wells, burned bridges and even villages that might shelter them, and he hit the marchers wherever he could along the way. His marksmen, posted in the bluffs overlooking the passes, did their best to reduce the volume of the enemy; snipers and archers caused havoc along wooded riverbanks. The most damage done to the Turkish march occurred outside the capital city when Dracula's main body of cavalry swooped out of the night forests to massacre a large contingency of foot soldiers.

But, all these had inflicted physical harm to the Ottomans. And since when had physical pain and suffering stopped the Turks? Dracula knew from experience that only one thing would cause them to stop in their tracks, to hesitate, to maybe abandon their mission. And that was to throw open the gates of Hell before their eyes in all its putrescence. To attack them where it stung most. In their imagination.

When the Turks arrived outside the walls of Tirgoviste, they paused. And they trembled. Some wept. Many vomited. Encircling the town were the bodies of their very own comrades, 20,000 of them, their long locks and robes fluttering in the breeze, their eyes staring vacantly down, their mouths emitting the sharpened point of a spike hammered up their backsides. There was no sound from inside the enemy's walls, no movement from within. But, the volley of silence was deafening.
The Turks buckled their steeds, reigned and bolted for the Danube. Cries of "Allah, protect us!" on their lips, they dashed from the devil whom they couldn't defeat.

CBS News, R.I.P. : Network delays bombshell Iraq story until after election

CBS News is officially dead. The network is postponing its bombshell expose on Chimp's Iraq lies --- until after the election. Yes, this is the report that was bumped so the TANG story could run. And why won't it run now:

'We now believe it would be inappropriate to air the report so close to the presidential election,' the spokeswoman, Kelli Edwards, said in a statement.

Got that? It's now inapropriate to report the facts about how the President lied the country into war.

'60 Minutes' Delays Report Questioning Reasons for Iraq War


Published: September 25, 2004

CBS News said yesterday that it had postponed a '60 Minutes' segment that questioned Bush administration rationales for going to war in Iraq.

The announcement, in a statement by a spokeswoman, was issued four days after the network acknowledged that it could not prove the authenticity of documents it used to raise new questions about President Bush's Vietnam-era military service.

The Iraq segment had been ready for broadcast on Sept. 8, CBS said, but was bumped at the last minute for the segment on Mr. Bush's National Guard service. The Guard segment was considered a highly competitive report, one that other journalists were pursuing.

CBS said last night that the report on the war would not run before Nov. 2.

'We now believe it would be inappropriate to air the report so close to the presidential election,' the spokeswoman, Kelli Edwards, said in a statement.


Pakistan President: Iraq war made the world more dangerous

Pakistan President: Iraq war made the world more dangerous

He says what I and other libbies have been saying for ages. And he is an ally of Bush !

Just read the transcripts below (as seen on TV just today)

Paula Zahn Now - September 24, 2004

ZAHN: Is the world a safer place because of the war in Iraq?

MUSHARRAF: No. It's more dangerous. It's not safer, certainly not.

ZAHN: How so?

MUSHARRAF: Well, because it has aroused actions of the Muslims more. It's aroused certain sentiments of the Muslim world, and then the responses, the latest phenomena of explosives, more frequent for bombs and suicide bombings. This phenomenon is extremely dangerous.

ZAHN: Was it a mistake to have gone to war with Iraq?

MUSHARRAF: Well, I would say that it has ended up bringing more trouble to the world.

ZAHN: Even members of President Bush's party are saying that the United States is in trouble in Iraq and it's possible the United States won't win the war in Iraq. Is that the way you see it?

MUSHARRAF: Well, when you enter operations, you can go wrong in your calculations. That always is a possibility in any operation.

ZAHN: Has that happened in Iraq?

MUSHARRAF: Well, there are difficulties. One can't predict. Maybe the difficulties are surmounted and then it ends up with a victory, with a success. But, at the moment, we are bogged down, yes, yes indeed.

ZAHN: Are you fearful the United States will pull out before it should militarily?

MUSHARRAF: That will be a folly. They must leave a stable, territorially integrated Iraq. We have people of Iraq hard administering themselves, governing themselves, and governing their own natural resources. That must be left intact. They must not leave a disturbed area there. The disturbance can spread to other areas.

ZAHN: Do you think that the war in Iraq has undermined the overall war on terror?

MUSHARRAF: It has complicated it, certainly. I wouldn't say undermined. It has further complicated it. It has made the job more difficult..

And below, on NBC Nightly News, Musharaff says the same thing, but with a more "cautious" air to his words.

NBC Nightly News, September 24, 2004

Brokaw: Do you think the American war against Iraq was a mistake?

Musharraf: Well, I wouldn't comment on that. But I will certainly say that it has complicated the issue.

Brokaw: In your part of the world.

Musharraf: In the Islamic world. In the Iraqi region. In the Middle East.

Brokaw: Made it worse for America?

Musharraf: Yes.

So far, only the liberal blogs and CNN have the scoop. See video in the link below


Musharraf was less enthusiastic in his support for the U.S. war in Iraq, saying the world is less safe in the wake of the invasion.

But the Pakistani president stopped short of calling the invasion a mistake, saying, "I would say that it has ended up bringing more trouble to the world."

Musharraf also said that because of the situation in Iraq, he does not foresee Pakistan sending troops to help with the effort.

Aljazeera.Net - Musharraf: Iraq war a mistake

Saturday 25 September 2004, 7:24 Makka Time, 4:24 GMT

The Pakistani president said the US-led invasion was a mistake

Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf has said the US-led invasion of Iraq made the world a more dangerous place.

Though an ally of the United States, Musharraf on Friday described the invasion as a mistake and said it had complicated the 'war on terror'.

'It has ended up bringing more trouble to the world,' Musharraf said in a television interview.

'The world is more dangerous because the Iraq war has aroused the passions of the Muslims more,' he added.

'The war in Iraq has complicated the war on terror ... it has made the job more difficult.'"


The Onion on Kitty Kelly's book

Iraq Blues

by kos Iraq still FUBAR

Bush still claims things were peachy, and that a dire CIA report to the contrary was bunk (the irony).

After a speech to the UN General Assembly, Bush was asked about a National Intelligence Estimate in July that said the best to be expected was a tenuous stability and that the country might descend into civil war.

'The CIA laid out several scenarios that said life could be lousy, life could be OK, life could be better,' Bush said. 'And they were just guessing as to what the conditions might be like. The Iraqi citizens are defying the pessimistic predictions.'

Asked about those comments, White House spokesman Scott McClellan suggested that the intelligence estimate had been overtaken by recent developments. He said the interim government was moving toward elections and making 'a lot of progress to address security threats.

Good think his staff insulate him from reality.

Bush shrugs off his CIA skeptics

Allawi quickly picked up the cue. "It's very important for the people of the world really to know that we are winning," he said. "We are making progress. We are defeating terrorists."

Daily Kos

Operation 'Shame on You'

From Daily Kos
Newspapers all over the country are gearing up to make their endorsements for President. Many of them are predictable, of course. The Chicago Tribune, where I live, historically endorses the Republican candidate, regardless of who it is. If the GOP nominated an avocado, the avocado would be trumpeted as the 'right way to go for our country.' So what can you do?

Here's the plan:

Last week, I went on the web and looked up all of the Bush endorsements that I could find from the 2000 election. A lot of links to these publications can be found on this website:


(Warning: many of these threads, being four years old, are now dead. If you find more, e-mail me at Cyberactor@aol.com.)

For example, I found this from the Detroit News, who said of Bush:

'Mr. Bush will be a far better friend to Michigan workers. Preserving and growing jobs through smarter economic and conservation approaches is far better for the state's unionized work force than the empty and tired slogans of Mr. Gore.'

Well, even an avocado knows what happened, right? So here is my idea: We go and find these endorsements. We spread these ridiculous predictions far and wide. And we respond to them. In force. Letters to the editor of each of these dailies, especially those in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania...you get the idea.

Point out to the editors (as I did earlier to the Detroit News, the Cincinnati Post, the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel), that their predictions of what kind of president George Bush would be proved to be disastrously wrong. Some of our letters might get published. Maybe not. Some of these editors might be shamed into endorsing Kerry this time around. Maybe not.

But it's worth a shot.

Bush, Allawi: Things are getting worse because they are better

From Daily Kos

Interim Iraqi prime minister Ayad Allawi parroted Karl Rove's script today. And the New York Times ate it up. Allawi's words:

They are becoming more deadly because we think they are getting more desperate.

That's speaking of the insurgents, of course. And it would almost make sense -- if the Bush administration hadn't been saying the same thing since the war began. Surely, if increases in violence meant we were close to winning a year ago, we'd have won by now?

This isn't brain surgery, folks. It's PR. And I'd just like once for a reporter to point out how long this spin point has been floating around. Much more below the fold.

Diaries :: whopundit's diary ::

A Brief History of the Bush "Failure Is Victory" Doctrine

This is the behavior of desperate men. Iraqi authorities know their days are numbered. And while the Iraqi regime is on the way out, it's important to know that it can still be brutal, particularly in the moments before it finally succumbs. This campaign could well grow more dangerous in the coming days and weeks as coalition forces close on Baghdad and the regime is faced with its certain death.
(Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, March 25, 2003)

I think these people are the last remnants of a dying cause.
(Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, on "dead-enders," June 18, 2003)

Every sign of progress in Iraq adds to the desperation of the terrorists and the remnants of Saddam's brutal regime.
(George W. Bush, Aug. 19, 2003)

This progress makes the remaining terrorists even more desperate and willing to lash out.
(George W. Bush, Aug. 23, 2003)

The more progress we make in Iraq, the more desperate the terrorists will become.
(George W. Bush, Aug. 26, 2003)

You have some remnants -- you have remnants of a regime that we removed, that was an oppressive regime, that is desperate -- more and more desperate every single day, because of the progress we are making on many fronts in Afghanistan.
(Press Secretary Scott McClellan, Sept. 17, 2003)

The more progress we make, the more desperate the holdouts of Saddam Hussein's regime and foreign terrorists become.
(Press Secretary Scott McClellan, Oct. 14, 2003)

The more progress we make on the ground, the more free the Iraqis become, the more electricity that's available, the more jobs are available, the more kids that are going to school, the more desperate these killers become.
(George W. Bush, Oct. 27, 2003)

The more progress we make, the more desperate they tend to become.
(Press Secretary Scott McClellan, Nov. 10, 2003)

As democracy takes hold in Iraq, the enemies of freedom will do all in their power to spread violence and fear.
(George W. Bush, State of the Union Address, Jan. 20, 2004)

The closer we come to passing sovereignty, the more likely it is that foreign fighters, disgruntled Baathists or friends of the Shia cleric will try to stop progress.
(George W. Bush, April 28, 2004)

[Our enemies] know that time is against them, and their only chance is to shake the resolve of Iraqis, Americans, anybody else who loves freedom. And that's why their actions have grown more cruel and sadistic. (George W. Bush, July 4, 2004)

The bad guys, the army of the darkness, are getting more helpless and hopeless. That's why they are stepping up these things. (Iraqi president Ghazi al-Yawer, July 3-, 2004

I'm sure there are other examples, as well. When will get a strategy for winning that doesn't involve losing? How desperate will these killers have to become before the administration finds a new line?

Better yet, when will our nation's highest-paid reporters start paying attention?

- Marc

Commentary: Iraq's bridge too far - (United Press International)

Commentary: Iraq's bridge too far

By Arnaud de Borchgrave
UPI Editor at Large

Madrid, Spain, Sep. 15 (UPI) -- Before the Iraqi war, Europe's principal intelligence services shared the Bush administration's view that Saddam Hussein was hiding his stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. Today, these same services disagree with the White House on several critical assessments.

Off the record conversations with intelligence chiefs in five major European countries -- each with multiple assets in Iraq -- showed remarkable agreement on these points:

-- The neo-con objectives for restructuring Iraq into a functioning model democracy were a bridge too far. They were never realistic.

-- The plan to train Iraqi military and security forces in time to cope with a budding insurgency before it spun out of control was stillborn.

-- The insurgency has mushroomed from 5,000 in the months following the collapse of the Saddam Hussein regime to an estimated 20,000 today, which is still growing. Insurgents are targeting green Iraqi units and volunteers for training and some have already defected to the rebels.

-- Iraqi soldiers trained by the United States are complaining that the equipment ordered by the U.S. from the Ukraine that is being assigned to them gives them "2nd class status."

-- To cope with the insurgency, the United States requires 10 times the rebel strength -- or some 200,000 as a bare minimum. Short of that number, the insurgency will continue to gain momentum. The multiple is based on the British experience in Northern Ireland for a quarter of a century as well as France's civil war in Algeria (1954-62), when nationalist guerrillas were defeated militarily, but won the war diplomatically. France deployed half a million men to defeat the fellaghas in Algeria.

-- The U.S. occupation has lost control of large swathes of Iraq where the insurgency operates with virtual impunity.

-- Iraq was a diversion from the war on a global movement that was never anchored in Baghdad.

-- Iraq does not facilitate a solution to the Mideast crisis. And without such a solution, the global terrorist movement will continue to spread.

-- Iraq has become a magnet for would-be Muslim jihadis the world over; it has greatly facilitated transnational terrorism.

-- Charting a course out of the present chaos requires an open-ended commitment to maintain U.S. forces at the present level and higher through 2010 or longer.

-- The once magnificent obsession about building a model Arab democracy in Iraq now has the potential of a Vietnam-type quagmire.

-- Everything now undertaken in Iraq is palliative to tide the administration over the elections.

-- What is urgently needed, whether a Bush II administration or a Kerry White House, is for the world's great democracies to meet at the summit to map a common strategy to confront a global challenge. The war on terrorism -- on the terrorists who have hijacked Islam -- is only one part of a common approach for (1) the defense of Western democracies and (2) the gradual transformation of an Arab world that must be assisted out of poverty, despair and defeat.

-- A war on terrorism without a global strategy, which must include the funding of major educational reforms in poor countries like Pakistan, where wannabe jihadis are still being churned out by the hundreds of thousands, could only lead to the gradual erosion of Western democratic structures.

-- The "war on terror" is a misnomer that is tantamount to rhetorical disinformation. One can no more fight terrorism than one could declare war on Hitler's Panzers in World War II or Dreadnoughts in World War I. Terrorism is a weapons system that has been used time and again for the last 5,000 years. The root causes are the problem, not the weapon.

-- To ignore the causes is to guarantee escalation -- to weapons of mass destructio

Bush Again Confuses IDs of Two Terrorists

AP Wire | 09/20/2004 | Bush Again Confuses IDs of Two Terrorists: "Bush Again Confuses IDs of Two Terrorists


Associated Press

WASHINGTON - President Bush might have been able to say it was simply a slip of the tongue when he confused two terrorists in a campaign speech Monday in New Hampshire. Trouble is, he's made the same misstatement at least 10 times before.

During remarks in Derry, N.H., Bush said the late terrorist Abu Nidal killed Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old Jewish American who died after being tossed - along with his wheelchair - off a hijacked cruise liner named Achille Lauro in 1985.

'Do you remember Abu Nidal?' Bush asked the crowd. 'He's the guy that killed Leon Klinghoffer. Leon Klinghoffer was murdered because of his religion. Abu Nidal was in Baghdad, as was his organization.'

He repeated the mistake Monday evening at a campaign event in New York City: 'Abu Nidal was a cold-blooded terrorist killer who killed Leon Klinghoffer.'

Actually, it was Abul Abbas, the leader of a violent Palestinian group, who killed Klinghoffer.

The White House had no immediate comment on the mix-up."



George W. Bush Meets "Baghdad Bob"

George W. Bush Meets "Baghdad Bob"

George W. Bush Meets "Baghdad Bob"
It started with a joke, but once the laughter stopped I had to admit that the President's sunny statements about Iraq last week did sound disturbingly similar to some of the classics uttered by Saddam's former Minister of Information. "Be assured: Baghdad is safe."

By Greg Mitchell

(September 19, 2004) -- On his Friday night chat show on HBO, comedian Bill Maher cracked a joke about President Bush remaining relentlessly upbeat about our war effort in Iraq despite a week of seemingly serious setbacks. Bush, according to Maher, sounds more like "Baghdad Bob" every day.

Baghdad Bob, of course, was Saddam Hussein's minister of information, now immortalized on t-shirts, Web sites and even a DVD for his optimistic, if fanciful, statements about Iraq's triumph over the American infidels, right up to the point we toppled his boss's statue. Baghdad Bob, real name Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, somehow survived and at last report was happily working as an Arab TV commentator, sans trademark beret.

Maher's joke was funny because it got at an essential truth, even as he stretched it. But the next day, I got to thinking, what if that's not such an exaggeration after all?

Consider that in the past week violence flared at unprecedented levels all over Iraq; U.S. deaths there soared past the 1,000 mark with more killed than at any time in recent weeks; a declassified National Intelligence Estimate painted a dire picture of prospects in Iraq; and reports circulated that our military plans to mobilize more troops and launch bloody attacks (post-election) on insurgent strongholds. A leading GOP senator, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, said, "the worst thing we can do is hold ourselves hostage to some grand illusion that we're winning. Right now, we are not winning. Things are getting worse."

And yet President Bush suggested all week that Iraq was firmly on the path to stability and democracy. On Friday he told a newspaper, "The Iraqis are defying the dire predictions of a lot of people by moving toward democracy....I'm pleased with the progress."

So was John Kerry right last week when he said Bush was living in "a fantasy world of spin"? Is the president really not so different from Baghdad Bob? Should he now be known as "D.C. Dubya"? Or "Baghdad Bush"?

Here are a few Baghdad Bob classics from the spring of 2003 (courtesy of one of his many Web shrines), verbatim. See if you can imagine them coming out of the mouth of our president speaking to the press today.


"I will only answer reasonable questions."

"No, I am not scared, and neither should you be."

"Be assured: Baghdad is safe, protected."

"We are in control, they are not in control of anything, they don't even control themselves!"

"The battle is very fierce and God made us victorious."

"They mock me for how I speak. I speak better English than they do."

"I have detailed information about the situation...which completely proves that what they allege are illusions . . . They lie every day."

"I blame Al-Jazeera."

"I can assure you that those villains will recognize in the future how they are pretending things which have never taken place."

"I would like to clarify a simple fact here: How can you lay siege to a whole country? Who is really under siege now?"

"We're giving them a real lesson today. Heavy doesn't accurately describe the level of casualties we have inflicted."

"Those are not Iraqis at all. Where did they bring them from?"

"The American press is all about lies! All they tell is lies, lies and more lies!"

"They are becoming hysterical. This is the result of frustration."

"Just look carefully, I only want you to look carefully. Do not repeat the lies of liars. Do not become like them."

"Search for the truth. I tell you things and I always ask you to verify what I say."

"The United Nations...it is all their fault."

"Even those who live on another planet, if there are such people, would condemn them."

"This is unbiased: They are retreating on all fronts. Their effort is a subject of laughter throughout the world."

"The force that was near the airport, this force was destroyed."

"They are achieving nothing; they are suffering from casualties. Those casualties are increasing, not decreasing."

"They think that by killing civilians and trying to distort the feelings of the people they will win."

"Our estimates are that none of them will come out alive unless they surrender to us quickly."

"They hold no place in Iraq. This is an illusion."

"Once again, I blame al-Jazeera. Please, make sure of what you say and do not play such a role."

"These cowards have no morals. They have no shame about lying."

"You can go and visit those places. Everything is okay. They are not in Najaf. They are nowhere. They are on the moon."

"Rumsfeld, he needs to be hit on the head."

It's Miller Time

Miller doing time, maybe. Chalabi stenographer Judith Miller has been ordered to testify concerning her chit-chats with her pals in the Administration.

A federal judge, in an order released yesterday, ruled that New York Times reporter Judith Miller cannot avoid a subpoena to testify about her private conversations with news sources before a grand jury investigating whether senior administration officials leaked the identity of a covert CIA officer to the media.

In his Sept. 9 order denying Miller's request to quash the subpoena, U.S. District Chief Judge Thomas F. Hogan said that the reporter's discussions with anonymous sources are not protected, either by the First Amendment or by common- law privilege. Miller's attorney, Floyd Abrams, said the Times would appeal the decision.

Miller is the fifth reporter who has been directed by the court to talk with special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald about conversations they had with administration sources in the summer of 2003. Fitzgerald is investigating whether a government official knowingly disclosed to the media the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame, who is also the wife of former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV.

But will her answers be any more credible than her reporting ?

Not fit to print

How Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraq war lobby used New York Times reporter Judith Miller to make the case for invasion.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
By James C. Moore

May 27, 2004 | When the full history of the Iraq war is written, one of its most scandalous chapters will be about how American journalists, in particular those at the New York Times, so easily allowed themselves to be manipulated by both dubious sources and untrustworthy White House officials into running stories that misled the nation about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. The Times finally acknowledged its grave errors in an extraordinary and lengthy editors note published Wednesday. The editors wrote:

'We have found ... instances of coverage that was not as rigorous as it should have been ... In some cases, the information that was controversial then, and seems questionable now, was insufficiently qualified or allowed to stand unchallenged. Looking back, we wish we had been more aggressive in re-examining the claims as new evidence emerged -- or failed to emerge ... We consider the story of Iraq's weapons, and of the pattern of misinformation, to be unfinished business. And we fully intend to continue aggressive reporting aimed at setting the record straight.'"

he editors conceded what intelligence sources had told me and numerous other reporters: that Chalabi was feeding bad information to journalists and the White House and had set up a situation with Iraqi exiles where all of the influential institutions were shouting into the same garbage can, hearing the same echo. "Complicating matters for journalists, the accounts of these exiles were often eagerly confirmed by United States officials convinced of the need to intervene in Iraq. Administration officials now acknowledge that they sometimes fell for misinformation from these exile sources. So did many news organizations — in particular, this one."

The reporter on many of the flawed stories at issue was Judith Miller, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and authority on the Middle East. The Times, insisting that the problem did not lie with any individual journalist, did not mention her name. The paper was presumably trying to take the high road by defending its reporter, but the omission seems peculiar. While her editors must share a large portion of the blame, the pieces ran under Miller's byline. It was Miller who clearly placed far too much credence in unreliable sources, and then credulously used dubious administration officials to confirm what she was told.

And of all Miller's unreliable sources, the most unreliable was Ahmed Chalabi -- whose little neocon-funded kingdom came crashing down last week when Iraqi forces smashed down his door after U.S. officials feared he was sending secrets to Iran.


CNN poll: Bush maintains 7-point lead over Gore - October 29, 2000

WASHINGTON (CNN) - GOP presidential candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush continued to maintain an advantage over Democratic Vice President Al Gore in Sunday's CNN/USA Today/Gallup tracking poll.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said they supported Bush while 42 percent said they would vote for Gore, no change at all from Saturday's poll.

Support for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader and Reform Party candidate Patrick Buchanan also remained unchanged at 3 percent and 1 percent respectively.

The poll results are not predictions, but instead are merely snapshots of who likely voters currently favor.

In the past, the poll has shown Bush with at least 48 percent of support for five consecutive days, and Gore with no more than 43 percent during that same length of time.

In 2000, All the polls were wrong except Zogby

Zogby NewsMax Confidential Report
Of all the pollsters monitoring the 2000 election, Zogby made the most accurate prediction of the down-to-the-wire race for president.

# In 1994 Zogby alone predicted that George Pataki would unseat then New York Gov. Mario Cuomo

# In 1996 Zogby accurately and solely predicted the ultimate margin of victory for Bill Clinton over Bob Dole in that year's presidential election.

# In 2000, as Dick Morris puts it, "All the polls were wrong except Zogby."

But Bush is too STUPID to be the anti-christ

But Bush is too STUPID to be the anti-christ

Is GW Bush the Anti-Christ?: "But Bush is too STUPID to be the anti-christ' and I realized the Dante stuff. Today (5/1/03) I realized how Dante meshed with Nostradamus & started this page.

* The way he comes into power must be illegitimate (as all evil does is illegitimate)
* He must be put in power by the Christians (after all, this isn't the 'anti-buddha' or the 'anti-mohammed')
* He must have the blood of an innocent on his hands, preferably his illegitimate 'only-begotten son'
* He must personify evil as characterized in Dante's Inferno (i.e., one of the three detributes, hate, ignorance, and impotence)
* He must match with Nostradamus' prophecy of the third antichrist

Nostradamus' Three Anti-Christs
Nostradamus predicted three anti-christs, named Napaulon Roy, Hister, and Mabus. If you were to match this up with Dante, it seems that Hister (Hitler) would be a good 'personification of hate' while Napaulon Roy (Napoleon) would certainly match up with impotence (his shriveled member was destroyed by syphillis). Of course, this isn't to say that the other qualities are lacking, but that one predominates.

That leaves one left, ignorance.

GW seems a good approximation, if not personification, of ignorance.

Since the image of this third anti-christ is that of a 'sinister idiot'"

Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq: "Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq

Jason Burke, chief reporter
Sunday September 19, 2004
The Observer

The British Army is to start pulling troops out of Iraq next month despite the deteriorating security situation in much of the country, The Observer has learnt.

The main British combat force in Iraq, about 5,000-strong, will be reduced by around a third by the end of October during a routine rotation of units.

The news came amid another day of mayhem in Iraq, which saw a suicide bomber kill at least 23 people and injure 53 in the northern city of Kirkuk. The victims were queueing to join Iraq's National Guard.

More than 200 people were killed last week in one of the bloodiest weeks since last year's invasion, strengthening impressions that the country is spinning out of control.

Yesterday grim footage apparently showing a British engineer kidnapped from a house in Baghdad last week along with two American colleagues surfaced in a video released in the Iraqi capital. The group holding the three threatened to execute them unless Iraqi women prisoners are released from jail.

And last night it was reported that 10 more staff working for an American-Turkish company had been seized as hostages.

There are now fears that scheduled Iraqi elections in January will have to be delayed because of the growing instability.

Last week Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, said that more troops could be sent to safeguard the polls if necessary, although Whitehall sources said there was no guarantee that they would be British.

The forthcoming 'drawdown' of British troops in Basra has not been made public and is likely to provoke consternation in both Washington and Baghdad. Many in Iraq argue that more, not fewer, troops are needed. Last week British troops in Basra fought fierce battles with Shia militia groups."



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The Real George Bush

The Real George Bush: "He spent an entire year frightening Americans to death, telling us that Saddam Hussein would attack us with weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes, if we didn't attack Iraq. Now, he says, 'What's the difference?'"

Navy Inspector General Validates Kerry's Medals

Navy Inspector General Validates Kerry's Medals
Navy Says Kerry's Service Awards OK'd
By Robert Burns
The Associated Press

Friday 17 September 2004

Washington - The Navy's chief investigator concluded Friday that procedures were followed properly in the approval of Sen. John Kerry's Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals, according to an internal Navy memo.

Vice Adm. R.A. Route, the Navy inspector general, conducted the review of Kerry's Vietnam-era military service awards at the request of Judicial Watch, a public interest group. The group has also asked for the release of additional records documenting the Democratic presidential candidate's military service.

Judicial Watch had requested in August that the Navy open an investigation of the matter, but Route said in an internal memo obtained by The Associated Press that he saw no reason for a full-scale probe.

Kerry was getting shot at, while Bush....

'Our examination found that existing documentation regarding the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals indicates the awards approval process was properly followed,' Route wrote in the memo sent Friday to Navy Secretary Gordon England.

'In particular, the senior officers who awarded the medals were properly delegated authority to do so. In addition, we found that they correctly followed the procedures in place at the time for approving these awards.'"

2 GOP senators blast Bush's Iraq strategy

Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/16/2004 | 2 GOP senators blast Bush's Iraq strategy: "2 GOP senators blast Bush's Iraq strategy

The plan to divert funds from reconstruction to security shows 'we are in deep trouble,' one said.

By Jonathan S. Landay

Inquirer Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Two senior Republican senators yesterday rebuked the Bush administration over its handling of Iraq, saying its proposal to divert $3.46 billion in reconstruction funds to mostly beef up security showed that U.S. policy was in disarray.

The harsh comments by Sens. Richard G. Lugar of Indiana and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska contrasted with the upbeat statements on Iraq that President Bush gives as he campaigns for reelection.

Their bleak assessment followed by a day an Inquirer Washington Bureau report that some current and former U.S. officials were worried that Bush's plan for creating a stable democracy in Iraq was in danger of failing.

The proposal to divert the reconstruction aid 'does not add up in my opinion to a pretty picture, to a picture that shows that we're winning,' Hagel said at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. 'But it does add up to this: an acknowledgment that we are in deep trouble.'

Lugar said that the administration could have sought the funding switch months ago but that it dithered amid an upsurge in violence by minority Sunni and majority Shiite insurgents against the government of interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and U.S.-backed coalition forces.

'We have an emergency problem now,' Lugar said. 'And we had one in July, and we had one before that.'

The bloodshed has exposed as 'nonsense' assurances that 'blithely optimistic' administration officials gave the committee before last year's invasion that U.S. troops would be welcomed in Iraq and would be there only a short time, Lugar said.

Bush insists conditions in Iraq are improving despite an expanding insurgency and mounting American and Iraqi casualties. The President has said that a national election, a key element of his goal to create a stable, democratic Iraq, will be held as scheduled by Jan. 31.

Lugar and Hagel spoke during a hearing at which two senior State Department officials presented details of how the administration wants to spend the $3.46 billion that it's proposing to divert from $18.4 billion in reconstruction funds appropriated last year.

'You have inherited a mess, gentlemen,' Hagel told the pair, referring to the Pentagon's handover of Iraq policy to the State Department when Iraq's sovereignty was formally restored in June."


bin Laden's money flow leads back to Midland, Texas

Tracking bin Laden's money flow leads back to Midland, Texas
by Wayne Madsen

On September 24, President George W. Bush appeared at a press conference in the White House Rose Garden to announce a crackdown on the financial networks of terrorists and those who support them. “U.S. banks that have assets of these groups or individuals must freeze their accounts,” Bush declared. “And U.S. citizens or businesses are prohibited from doing business with them.”

But the president, who is now enjoying an astounding 92 percent approval rating, hasn’t always practiced what he is now preaching: Bush’s own businesses were once tied to financial figures in Saudi Arabia who currently support bin Laden.

In 1979, Bush’s first business, Arbusto Energy, obtained financing from James Bath, a Houstonian and close family friend. One of many investors, Bath gave Bush $50,000 for a 5 percent stake in Arbusto. At the time, Bath was the sole U.S. business representative for Salem bin Laden, head of the wealthy Saudi Arabian family and a brother (one of 17) to Osama bin Laden. It has long been suspected, but never proven, that the Arbusto money came directly from Salem bin Laden. In a statement issued shortly after the September 11 attacks, the White House vehemently denied the connection, insisting that Bath invested his own money, not Salem bin Laden’s, in Arbusto.

In conflicting statements, Bush at first denied ever knowing Bath, then acknowledged his stake in Arbusto and that he was aware Bath represented Saudi interests. In fact, Bath has extensive ties, both to the bin Laden family and major players in the scandal-ridden Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI) who have gone on to fund Osama bin Laden. BCCI defrauded depositors of $10 billion in the ’80s in what has been called the “largest bank fraud in world financial history” by former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau. During the ’80s, BCCI also acted as a main conduit for laundering money intended for clandestine CIA activities, ranging from financial support to the Afghan mujahedin to paying intermediaries in the Iran-Contra affair.

When Salem bin Laden died in 1988, powerful Saudi Arabian banker and BCCI principal Khalid bin Mahfouz inherited his interests in Houston. Bath ran a business for bin Mahfouz in Houston and joined a partnership with bin Mahfouz and Gaith Pharaon, BCCI’s frontman in Houston’s Main Bank.

The Arbusto deal wasn’t the last time Bush looked to highly questionable sources to invest in his oil dealings. After several incarnations, Arbusto emerged in 1986 as Harken Energy Corporation. When Harken ran into trouble a year later, Saudi Sheik Abdullah Taha Bakhsh purchased a 17.6 percent stake in the company. Bakhsh was a business partner with Pharaon in Saudi Arabia; his banker there just happened to be bin Mahfouz

Though Bush told the Wall Street Journal he had “no idea” BCCI was involved in Harken’s financial dealings, the network of connections between Bush and BCCI is so extensive that the Journal concluded their investigation of the matter in 1991 by stating: “The number of BCCI-connected people who had dealings with Harken—all since George W. Bush came on board—raises the question of whether they mask an effort to cozy up to a presidential son.” Or even the president: Bath finally came under investigation by the FBI in 1992 for his Saudi business relationships, accused of funneling Saudi money through Houston in order to influence the foreign policies of the Reagan and first Bush administrations.

Worst of all, bin Mahfouz allegedly has been financing the bin Laden terrorist network—making Bush a U.S. citizen who has done business with those who finance and support terrorists. According to USA Today, bin Mahfouz and other Saudis attempted to transfer $3 million to various bin Laden front operations in Saudi Arabia in 1999. ABC News reported the same year that Saudi officials stopped bin Mahfouz from contributing money directly to bin Laden. (Bin Mahfouz’s sister is also a wife of Osama bin Laden, a fact that former CIA Director James Woolsey revealed in 1998 Senate testimony.)

When President Bush announced he is hot on the trail of the money used over the years to finance terrorism, he must realize that trail ultimately leads not only to Saudi Arabia, but to some of the same financiers who originally helped propel him into the oil business and later the White House. The ties between bin Laden and the White House may be much closer than he is willing to acknowledge.

Yahoo! News - GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles

WASHINGTON - Campaign mail with a return address of the Republican National Committee (news - web sites) warns West Virginia voters that the Bible will be prohibited and men will marry men if liberals win in November.

The literature shows a Bible with the word "BANNED" across it and a photo of a man, on his knees, placing a ring on the hand of another man with the word "ALLOWED." The mailing tells West Virginians to "vote Republican to protect our families" and defeat the "liberal agenda."

The road to Falluja

Only last week I was driving back on one of the many Falluja-Ramadi roads which is again under American control. Travel up and down this road and every so often you will see the mighty Americans fiercely 'controlling' the road. But as we drove along we came across two civilian cars parked on the side of the road. Nine men with scarves around their heads, carrying Ak-47 rifles, waved for other cars to pass, while another two dug a hole on the side of the street and worked at transforming what looked like a rocket warhead into an IED - Improvised Explosive Device. It is a strange kind of control."

Marc Brands Liberty -- Cartoon -- The Wrong Choice

Marc Brands Liberty -- Cartoon -- What's Important!

Inmates Sue to Force Training for Iraq Interrogators

"Sue Happy" and proud of it!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Lawyers representing nine former Iraqi prisoners on Tuesday asked a federal judge in San Diego to ensure that U.S. defense contractor CACI International trains the interrogators it sends to Iraq (news - web sites) in international laws against torture.

The request for a preliminary injunction is the latest salvo in a class action lawsuit filed in June by the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York and two law firms on behalf of the former inmates at Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad who said they were tortured by American military personnel and private contractors.

Titan Corp. of San Diego and CACI are accused of conspiring with U.S. officials to humiliate, torture and abuse detainees. The companies are accused of violating U.S. racketeering laws by maintaining a conspiracy about the abuse."

Kofi Annan: War ILLEGAL

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Two Americans and a Briton were kidnapped at gunpoint from their smart Baghdad home, as the two main powers behind last year's controversial invasion became the latest victims in a five-month hostage crisis.

The new abductions -- compounded by the kidnapping of a Syrian driver and suspicions in Stockholm that three Swedish citizens are hostages -- came as UN chief Kofi Annan denounced the 2003 US-led war as 'illegal' for the first time.


The 11 points Bush is leading: Fudged poll

Daily Kos :: Time Poll (kinda) shows a tie!!: "go to page 19. .. there you see STUNNING EVIDENCE that the survey methodology is weighted towards finding GOP leaning Democrats and Independents. It asks respondents who they voted for in 2000. BUSH 53% GORE 41%
Gee, that's not how the vote came out four years ago, did it?

In fact, if you adjust the numbers for this huge bias, Bush is actually TRAILING his performance of 2000, leading by 11% among an population that voted for him by 12% last year. That would seem to indicate a dead heat, or a slight Kerry lead. (Hence the title of the diary.)"


God Bless the G.O.P.!

BottleOfBlog: Only Four Months Of Combat

Only Four Months Of Combat

Well, we've seen Republicans mock Purple Hearts, Silver and Bronze Stars, and combat veterans. We've seen the Bush people accuse John McCain of collaborating with the enemy. We've seen Bush people of accusing another Purple Heart, Silver Star earning combat veteran, Wes Clark, of being mentally unstable and lacking "character".

And, of course, we know what Republicans have been saying about John Kerry.

And, sure, it's all true! It's amazing, sure, but it's true that every combat veteran who's ever run against George Bush has actually turned out to be a coward, a traitor, and a liar.

Thank God for George Bush for drawing attention to all the slackers and cowards who served in Vietnam!

I'm beginning to think that's exactly the reason George Bush specifically requested he not be posted overseas--he didn't want to associate with such a bunch of scumbags and pussies!

Fuck, if he had to associate with such a bunch of wimps, hell, he'd rather sit out the war altogether!

He's got that kind of principal, you know. Character.

But my favorite thing Republicans keep saying--the greatest service ever vigilant and principaled George Bush and his Republican party have provided is to let us know what a shirker John Kerry was for only being in combat for four months.

A very stupid woman, Susan, posted just that comment on my blog. And we've heard it repeatedly from Republicans and conservative commentators--a mere four months, only four months, just four months.

Sure, Kerry served two full tours with the Navy, but he was in combat for only four months. And if you're only in combat for four months, frankly, you weren't in combat at all.

And I think that was an extremely important and patriotic point to make. It's well past time we started exposing all the cowards and shirkers who have previously gotten a lot of undeserved love from this great nation. So I'd like to start with:

1. Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge. 81,000 American casualties, including 23,554 captured and 19,000 killed. A mere 31 days--December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945.

2. Veterans for teh Battle for Iwo Jima, which saw 25,851 US casualties (1 in 3 were killed or wounded). A mere 36 days!

3. Veterans of the Battle of Normandy, where the United States took 125,847 casualties in only 48 days!; or

4. Veterans of the Union Army at Fredricksburg, where the Grand Army of the Republic took over 12, 000 casualties in only four days!

These are just a few examples. But there are many, many more American soldiers who deserve the scorn and derision of the American people for the brevity of their combat service--Gettysburg, the Pusan perimeter, the entire United States Army in Desert Storm. The list goes on and on!

And I applaud, again, the patriotism of George Bush and the Republican party for exposing the cowardice of these soldiers who served for less than four months. All Americans are in the debt of the modern Republican party for withdrawing the thanks of a less than gratefull nation to these pussies and shirkers, for ridiculing the supposed courage of these men and women who went into combat for even a day.

The true service to this country is definitely done by those who wear Purple Heart bandaids and mock our soldiers.

God Bless the G.O.P.!

Marc Brands Liberty -- Cartoon -- Who Knew?


Bush even more AWOL than we thought

BIG STORY: US News & WR digs up INDEPENDENT EVIDENCE showing Bush even more AWOL than we thought

According to USNews, Bush's violation of the rules was EVEN WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT. This is a BIG honking story. At this point, I'll give the GOP the CBS memos if they want 'em - who cares if they're real now. USNews, known to be a conservative-leaning magazine, has just come up with indepdendent evidence showing Bush shirked EVEN MORE of his National Guard duty than we thought, that the White House lied about it, and that there is no explanation for how Bush could reasonably get an honorable discharge.

Now is the time for some blogosphere coordination, friends. Send this story to your friends. Send it to your favorite blogs, your favorite email lists, your favorite bulletin boards. Hell, put the link to the story as the signature on your email or you bulletin board postings. Do whatever you can to make sure that as many people as possible take and run with this story so we can FORCE the mainstream media to pick up on this. It's what the vast right-wing conspiracy would do, it's time we did the same. Let's make this story BIG.

by John in DC - 9/11/2004 10:56:07 PM


BAD NEWS: NK has the bomb

Yahoo! News - Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea

7 minutes ago

SEOUL, South Korea - A large explosion occurred in the northern part of North Korea (news - web sites), sending a huge mushroom cloud into the air on an important anniversary of the communist regime, a South Korean news agency reported Sunday.

The South Korean government said it was trying to confirm the report.

The Yonhap news agency, citing an unidentified diplomatic source in Seoul, said the explosion happened at 11 a.m. local time Thursday in Yanggang province near the border with China. The blast in Kim Hyong Jik county left a crater big enough to be noticed by a satellite, the source said.

'We understand that a mushroom-shaped cloud about 2.2 miles to 2.5 miles in diameter was monitored during the explosion,' the source said. Yonhap described the source as 'reliable.'

Thursday was the anniversary of the 1948 foundation of the communist regime. Leader Kim Jong Il uses the occasion to stage performances and other events to bolster loyalty among the impoverished North Korean population.

Experts have speculated that North Korea might use a major anniversary to conduct a nuclear-related test, though there was no immediate indication that the reported explosion on Thursday was linked to Pyongyang's efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

'It remains unclear whether it was a deliberately planned nuclear test or it was just an accident,' the source in Seoul told Yonhap. 'But it doesn't seem to be an ordinary explosion.'

The source said the explosion took place 'not far' from a military base that holds North Korea's Taepo-dong ballistic missiles. North Korea, which has a large missile arsenal and more than a million soldiers, is dotted with military installations.

The damage and crater left by the explosion in Kim Hyong Jik county was big enough to be noticed by a satellite, a source in Beijing told Yonhap."