Dirty bombs in US ?!?

On January 2004 Yahoo news had a story about it. I posted it on the Yahoo Soars board.

Dirty bombs in US ?!?
by: law_n_order_too 01/07/04 06:24 pm
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Nuclear Experts Search for 'Dirty Bombs'

Government nuclear experts are walking the streets in at least four major U.S. cities, using high-tech equipment hidden in briefcases and golf bags to hunt for radiological 'dirty' bombs and other weapons terrorists might use. (Same story on MSNBC)

20 years later I still see that little girl in my nightmares. The one that thought Cesium was blue glitter and played with it.

Twaitha (Baghdad) had a lot of Cesium, 1 month before the looters took a hold of it in the post war chaos in Iraq. I shudder to think any of those looters could belong to AQ or could have sold it to AQ.

But US got Saddam, so Iraq's Cesium will no longer be a risk, right ?


Cesium is VERY nasty. If you know people in the medical community, ask someone to review the harm it can cause IF INGESTED. See, most radioactive harm is blocked by our skin. Ingesting it can be devastating, since it bypasses our body's best weapon against radiation: our skin.

Ingesting Cesium-137: Like someone throwing it on a city's water supply.

Apparently Cesium is so nasty BECAUSE IT PACKS A 2 STEP PUNCH: It can get into your body even without you ingesting it, bypassing the protective layers of skin. From what I understand, Cesium is so 'attracted' to Potassium and other building blocks of live tissue that it can get into our bodies via chemical reactions. Then its radiation will quickly affect bone marrow, blood, lungs, skin, intestine and other cells that divide quickly.

Like a kind of chemically induced AIDS, Cesium invades the body quickly chemically, then it's radiation shuts down the immune system (bone marrow, white blood cells die). Some of the Cesium victims in Brazil died of opportunistic infections that could be easily cured if they had any white blood cells left...

And the chemical prowess of Cesium made it seep very quickly into the soil of Goiania contaminating ground water, plants, wildlife and pets... Several blocks had to be encased in cement for at least 50 years (I think they said a century then).

Anthrax is baby powder compared to Cesium."


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