And then there was none...

September, October 2003 musings on where are the WMDs on the Yahoo Soars board

And then there was none...
by: law_n_order_here (100/F/Jurassic) 09/25/03 04:55 am
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There were minute ammounts of Uranium
And Cesium and Cobalt... Looters took it out of Twaitha, Iraq's nuclear waste dump. Troops bought radioactive barrels from a village after the looting. The UN inspectors found more uranium in June 03.

Now there was none ? And Saddam never took it out of Iraq ? Something smells really fishy here...

I believe the WH is downplaying the threat NOW because it is Bush's fault terrorists ended up w/ some of the looted radioactive material from Iraq... "Coming to a theater near you", courtesy of GW and Rummie.

It IS very strange that Saddam used WMD and now doesn't have a whiff of it...
Re: WMD Back-Burnered
by: law_n_order_here (100/F/Jurassic) 10/29/03 04:51 pm
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It has been clear for quite some time they are not seriously looking.

- They never bothered to try to get Qusay alive, to question him about WMD
- They kept UN out of most nuke sites that were looted
- They have been downplaying the risk to US all that looted Cesium represents...
While insisting on these nuclear-threat confabulations, the US government has at the same time rendered the IAEA clueless as to the disappearance of radioactive material that could eventually be used in clandestine bomb-making.

Last month the IAEA inspected the looted al-Tuwaitha nuclear facility in Iraq and has now presented its findings: Twenty-two kilograms of low-grade uranium are lost, but of more importance, the IAEA team was not allowed by the US authorities to inspect other locations in al-Tuwaitha, where highly radioactive cesium-137 and cobalt-160 may have been looted.

Thus ignored and restrained, the IAEA has the impression that the current US administration is downplaying certain nuclear threats and overestimating others for political reasons.

Asia Times: WMD threat as political football



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