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Ex-Adviser Reportedly Hurt Embassy Aide

Ex-Adviser Reportedly Hurt Embassy Aide (washingtonpost.com): "Robert D. Blackwill, who resigned last week as the White House's top official on Iraq policy, was recently scolded by national security adviser Condoleezza Rice after Secretary of State Colin L. Powell told her that Blackwill appeared to have verbally abused and physically hurt a female embassy staffer during a visit to Kuwait in September, administration officials said.

The incident took place as Blackwill was rushing to return home after a visit to Baghdad to join a campaign swing planned by President Bush. As six officials describe the incident, he arrived at the Air France counter at the Kuwait airport and learned he was not on the flight manifest. Blackwill then turned in fury to an embassy secretary who had accompanied him to the airport and demanded that he be given a seat on the flight, grabbing her arm at one point, the officials said.

Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Cases and Statistics - Case Details

Pet-Abuse.Com - Animal Abuse Cases and Statistics - Case Details Sex with sheep - (Waterloo, IA - US)
Case Report

A 46-year-old man was imprisoned after he apparently was surprised in the act of having sex with a sheep, police said. Students at Hawkeye Community College found Robert A. Broderson naked and hiding in a hayloft at the college farm with a ewe tied up in the corner, police said.

The farm manager examined the ewe and determined it had been sexually assaulted, police said.

A blue nightgown was found next to the sheep, although police are not saying if it was for the ewe or Broderson.

Precession - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The precession of the orbit of the Earth is an important part of the astronomical theory of ice ages."

Precession - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Precession of the Equinoxes

"The Earth's rotation axis is not fixed in space. Like a rotating toy top, the direction of the rotation axis executes a slow precession with period of 26,000 years for the entire ecliptic of our planetary bodies to travel around our sun, a trip of 360 degrees. Each one of the 12 signs of the zodiac takes about 2100 years for our solar system to pass through. Every 72 years we actually move backward 1 degree. After 2100 years we move out of one age and into another.

The precession is like a star clock that helps us date the rotations of earth in our solar system through our galaxy.

At the time of the birth of Christ we were moving out of the Age of Aries which was the Roman Empire into the Age of Pisces. That happened around 60 BC. The early Christians were aware of this and used as their symbol the 2 fishes going in opposite directions.

Since the rotation axis is precessing in space, the orientation of the Celestial Equator also precesses with the same period. This means that the position of the equinoxes is changing slowly with respect to the background stars. This precession of the equinoxes means that the right ascension and declination of objects changes very slowly over a 26,000 year period. This effect is negligibly small for casual observing, but is an important correction for precise observations."

Precession of the Equinoxes


Viewed from Earth, the Sun moves around the ecliptic, one full circuit each year. Twice a year, at equinox, day and night are equal and the Sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west. Ancient astronomers had no good clocks and could not tell when the day and night had the same length, but they could identify the equinox by the Sun rising exactly in the east and setting exactly in the west. At those times the Sun's position is at one of the intersections between the ecliptic and the celestial equator.

Around the year 130 BC, Hipparchus compared ancient observations to his own and concluded that in the preceding 169 years those intersections had moved by 2 degrees. How could Hipparchus know the position of the Sun among the stars so exactly, when stars are not visible in the daytime? By using not the Sun but the shadow cast by the Earth on the moon, during an eclipse of the Moon! During an eclipse, Sun, Earth and Moon form a straight line, and therefore the center of the Earth's shadow is at the point on the celestial sphere which is exactly opposite that of the Sun.
'The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius'

Hipparchus concluded that the intersection marking the equinox slowly crept forward along the ecliptic, and called that motion 'the precession of the equinoxes. ' The rate is about one full circle in 26 000 years. In ancient times the intersection marking the spring equinox was in the constellation of Aries, the ram, and for that reason the intersection (wherever it might be) is still sometimes called 'the first point in Aries.'

Around the year 1 it moved into the constellation of Pisces (pronounced 'pie-sees' in the US) and currently it is again in transition, to the constellation of Aquarius, the water carrier. If you ever heard the song 'The dawning of the age of Aquarius' from the musical 'Hair,' that is what it is all about. To astronomers precession is mainly another factor to be taken into account when aiming a telescope or drawing a star chart; but to believers in astrology, the 'dawning of the age of Aquarius' is a great portent and may mark the beginning of a completely new and different era.
The Precession of the Earth's Axis

What does this motion tell us about the Earth's motion in space? If you ever had a spinning top, you know that its axis tends to stay lined up in the same direction--usually, vertically, though in space any direction qualifies."

Give it a nudge, however, and the axis will start to gyrate wildly around the vertical, its motion tracing a cone (drawing). The spinning Earth moves like that, too, though the time scale is much slower--each spin lasts a year, and each gyration around the cone takes 26 000 years. The axis of the cone is perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic.

The cause of the precession is the equatorial bulge of the Earth, caused by the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation (the centrifugal force is discussed in a later section). That rotation changes the Earth from a perfect sphere to a slightly flattened one, thicker across the equator. The attraction of the Moon and Sun on the bulge is then the "nudge" which makes the Earth precess.

Through each 26 000-year cycle, the direction in the sky to which the axis points goes around a big circle, the radius of which covers an angle of about 23.50. The pole star to which the axis points now (within about one degree) used to be distant from the pole, and will be so again in a few thousand years (for your information, the closest approach is in 2017). Indeed, the "pole star" used by ancient Greek sailors was a different one, not nearly as close to the pole.


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The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

The woman is clearly mentally ill, but I find this case interesting for the fact that Repugs like to believe any woman who comes up with a story of being "raped" by Clinton. Well Bush has his nutcases accusing him of rape too. Innocent till proven guilty works for GOP and DNC...

The case exists. I saw the court records on the web myself. Scroll down for a snapshot of the PDF court files -- law

The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

By Jackson Thoreau


Early one Saturday afternoon in July 2003, I made a simple phone call to Margie Schoedinger, a Texas woman who filed a rape lawsuit against George W. Bush in December 2002. I expected to leave a message on a machine, so I was caught a little offguard when Schoedinger answered.

She, too, sounded somewhat surprised I had called, saying she hadn't heard from many other reporters. But she talked to me for a few minutes about the legal action.

"I am still trying to prosecute [the lawsuit]," said Schoedinger, a 38-year-old African-American woman who lived in the Houston suburb of Missouri City. "I want to get this matter settled and go on with my life."

Well, Schoedinger hasn't gone on with her life. In fact, three months after I spoke to her, she died in an apparent suicide. And this matter remains unsettled.

When I asked her in July 2003 about the lack of media coverage, Schoedinger said she wasn't seeking publicity. She said she did not even know about a December 2002 article in the Fort Bend Star, the only U.S. mainstream media outlet that covered this story, to my knowledge. The Fort Bend reporter, LeaAnne Klentzman, said she even went to Schoedinger's home and talked to a man there, who said she could not come to door. While I reached and spoke to Schoedinger on my first attempt, maybe she wasn't ready to talk back in December.

Anyways, Schoedinger said she was surprised the case wasn't covered more because "it is true......People have to be accountable for what they do, and that's why I'm pursuing it."

To be sure, Schoedinger's accusations - which include being drugged and sexually assaulted numerous times by Bush and other men purporting to be FBI agents - are bizarre and hard for most people to believe. But her story fits in with those told by a growing number of people who say they were used as guinea pigs or whatever by members of the CIA or another U.S. agency who wanted to test out the latest mind-controlling drug or just have a strange form of release. And her death - let's just say government agents have made murders look like suicides before.

In her court petition, Schoedinger said police in Sugar Land, another Houston suburb where she said some assailants linked to Bush attempted to unsuccessfully abduct her from her car shortly before the 2000 election, refused to take a report or do anything about that incident. She filed a lawsuit against the Sugar Land department and said that in preparing its defense, Sugar Land police found out that she dated Bush as a minor. I didn't get a chance to ask Schoedinger about that tie and didn't meet her in person, but her driver's license listed her as being 5-foot-8 and weighing 125 pounds, for what that's worth.

The Fort Bend Star story quoted a Sugar Land police captain saying his department had no record of any complaints by Schoedinger. All he had to do was what I did - go to the Fort Bend County Internet site and do a simple search on Schoedinger's name in the area of civil court records. I found the lawsuit Schoedinger filed in December 2000 against Sugar Land police, and it even had numerous responses by the department's attorneys in that case.

Just wait. This story gets stranger.

When I started asking Schoedinger about certain details of the case, such as alleged surveillance at her home and if she was still legally representing herself, she politely ended our conversation. "I need to see what has been written," Schoedinger said. "I feel like it's best for me to end our conversation."

Obviously, she had learned to be careful about what she said and to whom she said it. I could understand her being leery about talking about her situation with a stranger over the phone.

But I remember being puzzled by Schoedinger's attitude after hanging up the phone. I wondered that if she had made up such a wild story, why she didn't come up with something a little less outlandish, in which people couldn't necessarily dismiss her as a kook. I wondered why she didn't seek publicity to at least provide some form of protection. I've long learned that being as public as possible is one of your best defenses against rogue intelligence agents. But she didn't even seem to want any media to cover her story. I told several writers I knew, some of whom tried to contact Schoedinger. None succeeded, as far as I know.

I remember thinking, "I hope she doesn't wind up on the wrong side of a gun." And sure enough, in late September, Schoedinger did.

The Houston Chronicle wrote a bare-bones obituary that stated only that Schoedinger "expired" on Sept. 22, 2003, and her burial was at Houston Memorial Gardens.

I called the Harris County Medical Examiner's office, and a clerk told me the cause of death: a "suicide" by a "gunshot wound to the head." I hung up amid bombs going off in my mind.

For one, using a gun to commit suicide is predominantly executed by males, according to psychiatrists and other sources like pharmaceutical firm Merck & Co. Women are more likely to overdose on drugs, although the number of gunshot suicides among women has increased in recent years.

Besides Pravda and Internet ezines - one of whom referred to Schoedinger as "deranged" - I haven't seen stories on this strange death of a woman who filed a rape lawsuit against the U.S. president and wound up dead nine months later. I can't say I'm surprised. Or even angry. I don't know what the hell to think. All I know is I was one of the last - if not the last - reporters to speak to Schoedinger, and she didn't sound "deranged" to me in July 2003. She sounded like someone who had gone through something weird and was trying to sort it out. She sounded like someone who wanted the truth to come out. And now she's dead.

If this had happened to Clinton when he was in the White House, do you think the story would have been covered non-stop on FOX, CNN and the right-wing talk shows? Do you think we'd have reporters asking Clinton and his people about this death in press conferences? Is FOX unfair and imbalanced to the point of being "deranged?"

Being Brenda - A sad story about unethical science

Being Brenda

They were meant to show that gender was determined by nurture, not nature - one identical twin raised as a boy and the other brought up as a girl after a botched circumcision. But two years ago Brian Reimer killed himself, and last week David - formerly Brenda - took his life too. Oliver Burkeman and Gary Younge unravel the tragic story of Dr Money's sex experiment

Wednesday May 12, 2004
The Guardian

Until a few years ago, the name David Reimer meant little to those outside his immediate circle, and by the time he killed himself last Tuesday in unknown circumstances in his hometown of Winnipeg, it was already slipping back towards obscurity - a name belonging to nobody more remarkable than a local odd-job man, a 38-year-old former slaughterhouse worker who was separated from his wife, and enjoyed shopping at flea markets and tinkering with his car.

In fact, to anyone taking an interest in the development of psychology in the 1970s and 1980s, Reimer's life story would have long been infamous, but also pseudonymous. Going by the name "John", and subsequently "Joan", David Reimer had been an unwitting guinea-pig - along with his identical twin brother Brian - in a medical experiment at first celebrated, then notorious. Masterminded by a prominent Baltimore physician, John Money, it was an attempt to settle, once and for all, the fraught nature-versus-nurture debate: to prove that gender was so fluid that by a mere change in childrearing practice, plus a little surgery, a boy could be turned into a girl, while his twin developed as a male.

It would split the world of sexual psychology in two. And after 12 years of traumatising treatment, followed by a further two decades spent attempting to repair the damage, it would drive David Reimer to his death."It was like brainwashing," Reimer once said, having resumed his male identity after a childhood spent as Brenda. "I'd give just about anything to go to a hypnotist to black out my whole past. Because it's torture. What they did to you in the body is sometimes not near as bad as what they did to you in the mind."
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The tragedy has its roots in what seemed like a routine trip to hospital in 1966 for Janet and Ron Reimer and their twin baby boys, Bruce and Brian. Doctors had recommended circumcision, a practice still routine in much of north America, but Bruce's operation went distressingly wrong. Like almost every detail of the story, what actually happened is still fiercely disputed but what is clear is that the electric cauterising machine being used by doctors caused burning to his penis so severe as to render the organ unrescuable.

Reconstructive genital surgery was still rudimentary, and medical experts could offer only pessimism. So when the despairing parents happened to catch a television show, some months later, on which John Money was propounding his radical new theories about gender formation, it seemed to offer a lifeline. "He was saying that it could be that babies are born neutral, and you could change their gender," Janet Reimer later told John Colapinto, author of a book on the experiment entitled As Nature Made Him.

In photographs taken at the time, Money - then, as now, affiliated to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland - looks like a parody of a progressive "sexologist", turtlenecked and moustachioed, and his writings did nothing to dispel that impression. Raised in a conservative religious family in New Zealand, he had rebelled and become a self-described "missionary of sex", revelling in shocked responses to his tireless advocacy of open marriages and - a particular favourite - bisexual group sex.

At their most extreme, Money's public statements had appeared to endorse, or at least not to condemn, incest and paedophilia, but there was no hint of that in the television show Janet and Ron Reimer saw. They wrote to him, and he wrote swiftly back. He was confident, he said, that Bruce could be successfully raised as a girl. From an experimental perspective, Brian Reimer would provide the perfect control: his genetic inheritance was identical to Bruce's. The only difference was that one would be nurtured as a girl, and the other as a boy.

Money's emphasis on nurture over nature played well with the progressive spirit of the times, and especially with the women's movement, its proponents eager to establish that women's traditional social roles were not biologically pre-ordained. "Postwar, in any case, there was a move away from people being innately, biologically, inherently anything," says Lynne Segal, professor of psychology and gender studies at Birkbeck College in London. "We'd just seen Nazism, and the emphasis had been put on the idea that certain people were innately evil - Jews and gypsies, among others - so the emphasis on culture and society fitted well with social democratic ideals." The Reimers did not engage in this kind of debate. "I looked up to [John Money] as a god," Janet said simply.

Bruce Reimer started to become Brenda on July 3, 1967. Physicians at Johns Hopkins surgically castrated him, and the remaining skin was used to forge a "cosmetic vaginal cleft". Money sent the family back to Winnipeg with strict instructions. "He told us not to talk about it," Ron Reimer told John Colapinto. "Not to tell [Brenda] the whole truth, and that she shouldn't know she wasn't a girl."

Things started going wrong almost immediately. Janet Reimer recalled dressing Brenda in her first dress just before the child was due to turn two. "She was ripping at it, trying to tear it off. I remember thinking, 'Oh, my God, she knows she's a boy and she doesn't want girls' clothing." Brenda was bullied viciously at school. When she urinated standing up in the school lavatories, she was threatened with a knifing.

Whether all the blame should lie with Money remains a matter of contention. His supporters argue that reconstructive surgery techniques of the time were such that trying to turn Bruce into Brenda might genuinely have been the least worst option. In public, Money advertised the "John/Joan" study as a resounding success. "This dramatic case," Time magazine reported, picking up on his salesmanship, "provides strong support for a major contention of women's liberationists: that conventional patterns on masculine and feminine behaviour can be altered."

In private, though, things were spinning into chaos. Brenda was required to attend regular therapy sessions with Money in Baltimore, in the company of her brother. According to Colapinto's account, they soon degenerated into horrifying encounters that deeply traumatised the two children. Showing the children "explicit sexual pictures" was seemingly central to Money's theories of gender reassignment. David Reimerlater recalled, as Brenda, "getting yelled at by Money ... he told me to take my clothes off, and I just did not do it. I just stood there. And he screamed 'No!' I thought he was going to give me a whupping. So I took my clothes off and stood there, shaking."

In the children's grimmest recollection - one they found almost impossible to talk about years later - Money allegedly made "Brenda assume a position on all fours on his office sofa and make Brian come up behind her on his knees and place his crotch against her buttocks", an element of Money's theory he referred to as "sexual rehearsal play". (The author John Heidenry, who wrote a recent review defending the sexologist, calls this charge "outrageous and offensive", and says Brian, the source of the claim, may have been suffering false memory syndrome.)

By the time Brenda reached her teens she had attempted suicide at least once; she refused further surgery but consented, though irregularly, to take oestrogen supplements to encourage the development of breasts. John Money gradually drifted from the Reimers' lives, but Brenda remained under constant psychiatric treatment. It was after one such session with a Winnipeg psychiatrist in 1980 that Ron Reimer collected his daughter in the car and, instead of taking her home, drove her to an ice-cream parlour, where he told her everything.

The upturn in Reimer's fortunes lasted several years. Brenda opted for a sex change within weeks of her father telling her the truth. Thanks to developments in phalloplasty, Brenda, taking the name David, received surgery that after five years left him with a reconstructed penis resembling a real one, with limited sensation, and usable for sex. When he was 23 he met Jane, a single mother of three, and married her soon afterwards. In 2000, he went public with his story.

But his happiness didn't last. For reasons that remain unclear, David and Jane eventually separated. Then, two years ago, Brian Reimer apparently killed himself, taking an overdose of drugs he was taking for schizophrenia. David reportedly felt responsible for the death, and visited Brian's grave daily, weeding the plot and bringing fresh flowers.

Despite Colapinto's claims that David made a large amount of money from the book, those who knew him said he was often hard up; at the Transcona golf club, in Winnipeg's eastern suburbs, where he did odd jobs, the members had a whip round for him so he could afford to eat. Friends say he had became particularly distraught during the last few months after he bought thousands of dollars' worth of shares in an investment that flopped.

The world of psychology learned of the failure of Money's experiment through a paper by a rival, Dr Milton Diamond, of the University of Hawaii, who eventually traced those who had taken over treatment of the twins. For Lynne Segal, the story of the experiment does not settle the nature/nurture debate one way or the other - her view, widely shared today, is that the dichotomy is false - but it shows the perils of psychologists trying to prove too much through research. "It's far too simplistic, and far too interventionist, this idea that we can control and model and shape people to prove one thing or another."

John Money remains an emeritus professor at Johns Hopkins. "He's not commenting on this story," his assistant told the Guardian yesterday. "There is no comment to make.

Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Being Brenda

Oil and gas from waste products

WASTE" is an inevitable byproduct of natural as well as man-made activities. When nature has full control in managing its waste into useful resources man too has devised various methods to utilise the limited waste in useful ways. But generation of waste in large quantities due to man-made activities that is turning into garbage is creating serious environmental problems.

India is moving very fast towards the society with a philosophy of "use and throw", show business with packaging syndrome and no reuse of items etc and this is generating a heap of garbage in and out of our houses to tackle. Still, this attitude is limited to a very small fraction of our population but to what extent it will grow when a population of 10 billion will contribute towards this growing menace of garbage, is just an imagination. There is a great need to change our way of life as well as to devise technologies for recycling of used materials.

Moreover, it is required to develop technologies, which are cost effective and environmental friendly to change all types of garbage into some useful end products. In this direction a latest miraculous technology making use of Thermal Depolymerisation Process (TDP) is reported to change any garbage into useful finished products.

Many scientists have tried to convert organic solids to liquid fuel using waste products before, but their efforts have been notoriously inefficient. The problem with most of these methods was that they tried to do the transformation in one step — superheat the material to drive off the water and simultaneously break down the molecules. That leads to profligate energy use and makes it possible for hazardous substances to pollute the finished product. Very wet waste — and much of the world’s waste is wet— is particularly difficult to process efficiently because driving off the water requires so much energy. Usually, the energy content in the resulting oil or gas barely exceeds the amount needed to make the stuff.

Prof Baskis, a microbiologist and inventor from Illinois (USA), confronted about how to improve the basic ideas behind waste-reforming process and worked out the TDP that makes use of an age-old trick that earth mastered long ago for making oil and gas from hydrocarbon-based waste. Most crude oil comes from one-celled plants and animals that die, settle to ocean floors, decompose, and are mashed by sliding tectonic plates, a process geologists call subduction. Under pressure and heat, the dead creatures’ long chains of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon-bearing molecules, known as polymers, decompose into shortchain petroleum hydrocarbons. However, earth takes its own sweet time doing this — generally thousands or millions of years — because subterranean heat and pressure changes are chaotic. Thermal depolymerisation machines turbo-charge the same process by precisely raising heat and pressure to levels that break the feedstock’s long molecular bonds in a reduced time span.

The TDP is designed to handle almost any waste product imaginable, including turkey offal, tyres, plastic bottles, harboar-dredged muck, old computers, municipal garbage, cornstalks, paper-pulp effluent, infectious medical waste, oil-refinery residues, even biological weapons such as anthrax spores except nuclear wastes. In the process, waste goes in one end and comes out the other as three products, all valuable and environmentally benign: high-quality oil, clean-burning gas, and purified minerals that can be used as fuels, fertilisers,or specialty chemicals for manufacturing.

Therefore, a thermal depolymerisation machine (Figure 1), an intimate human creation could become a prime feedstock. The company that built this pilot plant has just completed its first industrial-size installation. The potential associated with the process is unbelievable. Only cleaning up of waste will produce oil. This is a solution to three of the biggest problems facing mankind i) growing waste ii) support to dwindling supplies of oil and iii) slow down global warming.

Unlike other solid-to-liquid-fuel processes this process will also accept almost any carbon-based feedstock. Therefore, this is also called as switching to a carbohydrate economy. It is reported that technological savvy could turn 600 million tons of turkey guts and other waste into 4 billion barrels of light oil each year. Thus garbage will no longer go to waste and each day 200 tons of turkey offal will be carted to a thermal depolymerisation plant to transform it into various useful products, including 600 barrels of light oil. The oil thus produced is very light oil and the same as a mix of half fuel oil and half gasoline.

Thermal depolymerisation process is not alchemy but pure chemistry that turns (A)turkey offal — guts, skin, bones, fat, blood, and feathers — into a variety of useful products. After the first-stage heat-and-pressure reaction, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates break down into (B)carboxylic oil, which is composed of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and amino acids. The second-stage reaction strips off the fatty acids’ carboxyl group (a carbon atom, two oxygen atoms, and a hydrogen atom) and breaks the remaining hydrocarbon chains into smaller fragments, yielding (C)a light oil.

This oil can be used as is, or further distilled (using a larger version of the bench-top distiller in the background) into lighter fuels such as (D)naphtha, (E)gasoline, and (F_ kerosene. The process also yields (G)fertiliser-grade minerals derived mostly from bones and (H)industrially useful carbon black.

The apparatus for TDP consists of a tangle of pressure vessels, pipes, valves, and heat exchangers terminating in storage tanks and resembles the oil refineries.

The chief difference in TDP to other processes is that the TDP makes the water a friend rather than an enemy. The other processes all tried to drive out water whereas the TDP drives it in, inside the tank, with heat and pressure and then super-hydrates the material. Thus temperatures and pressures need only be modest, because water helps to convey heat into the feedstock.

The temperatures are of the order of 260`B0C and pressures of about 600 pounds for most organic material — not at all extreme or energy intensive and the cooking times are pretty short, usually about 15 minutes.

Once the organic soup is heated and partially depolymerised in the reactor vessel, phase two begins in which slurry is quickly dropped to a lower pressure. The rapid depressurisation releases about 90 per cent of the slurry’s free water. Dehydration via depressurisation is far cheaper in terms of energy consumed than is heating and boiling off the water particularly because no heat is wasted. The flashed-off water is sent back to the beginning of the process to heat the incoming stream.

At this stage, the minerals are settled out and are shunted to storage tanks. Rich in calcium and magnesium, the dried brown powder is a perfect balanced fertiliser. The remaining concentrated organic soup gushes into a second-stage reactor similar to the coke ovens used to refine oil into gasoline.

The reactor heats the soup to about 500`B0C to further break apart long molecular chains. Next, in vertical distillation columns, hot vapour flows up, condenses, and flows out from different levels: gases from the top of the column, light oils from the upper middle, heavier oils from the middle, water from the lower middle, and powdered carbon — used to manufacture tyres, filters, and printer toners — from the bottom. As gas is expensive to transport, so efforts are made to use the produced gas on-site in the plant to heat the process.

When waste has become the growing problem, the TDP has the potential to change the whole industrial equation related to waste management. Waste management will go from a cost to a profit. The equipment, the procedures, the safety factors, the maintenance related to TDP — it’s all proven technology. Depending on the feedstock and the cooking and cooking times, the process can be tweaked to make other specialty chemicals that may be even more profitable than oil. Turkey offal, for example, can be used to produce fatty acids for soap, tyres, paints, and lubricants. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC — the stuff of house siding, wallpapers, and plastic pipes — yields hydrochloric acid, a relatively benign and industrially valuable chemical used to make cleaners and solvents. The hydrogen in water combines with the chlorine in PVC to make it safe whereas burning PVC in a municipal-waste incinerator generates dioxin — very toxic. Hence, it is the perfect process for destroying pathogens.

Thermal deploymerisation has proved to be 85 per cent energy efficient for complex feedstock and the efficiency is even better for relatively dry raw materials, such as plastics. Scientists and technologists anticipate that a large chunk of the world’s agricultural, industrial, and municipal waste may someday go into thermal depolymersation machines scattered all over the globe to produce useful end products in an environmental friendly way.

If the process works well as its creators claim, not only would most toxic waste problems become history, so would be imported oil. Thermal depolymerisation process will not only clean up wastes but also generate new sources of energy.

The writer is from the Department of Physics, SLIET, Longowal.

Informed Comment


The Miami Herald Report: Democracy Held Hostage

davis2/ACES/book reviews: "The Miami Herald Report: Democracy Held Hostage
352 pages May 2001, St. Martin's Press, $29.46

By Mark Davis

Machine malfunction and human error.

Those two concepts are usually associated with plane or train crashes, not elections. Yet an unhealthy marriage of the two led to perhaps the most chaotic presidential election in the history of the United States last year.

Since South Florida played a crucial role in the electoral mess, the Miami Herald, in conjunction with the Knight Ridder newspaper chain and USA Today, conducted a thorough investigation into how Texas Gov. George W. Bush won the state by an official margin of 537 votes over Vice President Al Gore. By their record, 174,000 votes weren't even counted. How did this happen? The story of the Herald's subsequent inquiry and their findings are revealed in
'The Miami Herald Report: Democracy Held Hostage.'

With contributions from many of the Herald staff, veteran reporter Martin Merzer combines interviews with key officials and studies from across the state into an engaging report that will cause you to shake your head in disbelief. 'The Herald Report' completely exposes all of the faults and inconsistencies of the electoral process, from bad voting booths to bad elections supervisors to bad voters. Picking out trash in a landfill would be easier than picking out everything that went wrong on Nov. 7, 2000 and the weeks afterward.

'The Herald Report' can be a little jumpy at times, although it is advertised as a report and not a narrative. It quickly hops from event to event and often annoyingly repeats information.
It does a lot of number crunching and statistical analysis. In fact, 70 pages in the back include the
county-by-county results of the independent vote review by the accounting firm BDO Seidman. If you want instant information about the election crisis, 'The Herald Report' is it.

But the book, which was published in June, includes two revealing interviews it conducted with perhaps two of the most controversial and polarizing figures from the election crisis:
Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and Palm Beach County Supervisor
of Elections Theresa LePore.

As the state official who certified the election for Bush and who also served as co-chair for Bush's campaign in the Sunshine State, Harris felt caught in the middle of a great battle. She saw
herself in the role of the biblical Queen Esther, who risked her life for a sacred cause.

LePore helped design and implement the much-maligned butterfly ballot in Palm Beach County, which led to the disqualification of thousands of ballots and Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan getting a lot more votes than expected in the heavily Democratic area.

'The Herald Report' doesn't end at analyzing and reporting what happened. It offers some solutions to help fix a deeply flawed system.

Merzer concludes: 'Many voters in this nation need modernized election systems that offer enhanced accuracy and reliability, and many election officials in this nation need statewide standards to guide them through ballot recounts.'

The report also vouches for improved voter education and more efficient registration methods."

Believe it or not, it wasn't just rednecks who voted for Bush

Believe it or not, it wasn't just rednecks who voted for Bush

Believe it or not, it wasn't just rednecks who voted for Bush
By Mark Steyn
(Filed: 07/11/2004)

The big question after Tuesday was: will it just be more of the same in George W Bush's second term, or will there be a change of tone? And apparently it's the latter. The great European thinkers have decided that instead of doing another four years of lame Bush-is-a-moron cracks they're going to do four years of lame Americans-are-morons cracks. Inaugurating the new second-term outreach was Brian Reade in the Daily Mirror, who attributed the President's victory to: "The self-righteous, gun-totin', military-lovin', sister-marryin', abortion-hatin', gay-loathin', foreigner-despisin', non-passport-ownin' rednecks, who believe God gave America the biggest dick in the world so it could urinate on the rest of us and make their land 'free and strong'."

Well, that's certainly why I supported Bush, but I'm not sure it entirely accounts for the other 59,459,765. Forty five per cent of Hispanics voted for the President, as did 25 per cent of Jews, and 23 per cent of gays. And this coalition of common-or-garden rednecks, Hispanic rednecks, sinister Zionist rednecks, and lesbian rednecks who enjoy hitting on their gay-loathin' sisters expanded its share of the vote across the entire country - not just in the Bush states but in the Kerry states, too.

In all but six states, the Republican vote went up: the urinating rednecks have increased their number not just in Texas and Mississippi but in Massachusetts and California, both of which have Republican governors. You can drive from coast to coast across the middle of the country and never pass through a single county that voted for John Kerry: it's one continuous cascade of self-righteous urine from sea to shining sea. States that were swing states in 2000 - West Virginia, Arkansas - are now solidly Republican, and once solidly Democrat states - Iowa, Wisconsin - are now swingers. The redneck states push hard up against the Canadian border, where if your neck's red it's frostbite. Bush's incontinent rednecks are everywhere: they're so numerous they're running out of sisters to bunk up with.

Who exactly is being self-righteous here? In Britain and Europe, there seem to be two principal strains of Bush-loathing. First, the guys who say, if you disagree with me, you must be an idiot - as in the Mirror headline "How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?" Second, the guys who say, if you disagree with me, you must be a Nazi - as in Oliver James, who told The Guardian: "I was too depressed to even speak this morning. I thought of my late mother, who read Mein Kampf when it came out in the 1930s [sic] and thought, 'Why doesn't anyone see where this is leading?' "

Mr James is a clinical psychologist.

If smug Europeans are going to coast on moron-Fascist sneers indefinitely, they'll be dooming themselves to ever more depressing mornings-after in the 2006 midterms, the 2008 presidential election, 2010, and beyond: America's resistance to the conventional wisdom of the rest of the developed world is likely to intensify in the years ahead. This widening gap is already a point of pride to the likes of B J Kelly of Killiney, who made the following observation on Friday's letters page in The Irish Times: "Here in the EU we objected recently to high office for a man who professed the belief that abortion and gay marriages are essentially evil. Over in the US such an outlook could have won him the presidency."

I'm not sure who he means by "we". As with most decisions taken in the corridors of Europower, the views of Killiney and Knokke and Krakow didn't come into it one way or the other. B J Kelly is referring to Rocco Buttiglione, the mooted European commissioner whose views on homosexuality, single parenthood, etc would have been utterly unremarkable for an Italian Catholic 30 years ago. Now Europe's secular elite has decided they're beyond the pale and such a man should have no place in public life. And B J Kelly sees this as evidence of how much more enlightened Europe is than America.

That's fine. But what happens if the European elite should decide a whole lot of other stuff is beyond the pale, too, some of it that B J Kelly is quite partial to? In affirming the traditional definition of marriage in 11 state referenda, from darkest Mississippi to progressive enlightened Kerry-supporting Oregon, the American people were not expressing their "gay-loathin' ", so much as declining to go the Kelly route and have their betters tell them what they can think. They're not going to have marriage redefined by four Massachusetts judges and a couple of activist mayors. That doesn't make them Bush theo-zombies marching in lockstep to the gay lynching, just freeborn citizens asserting their right to dissent from today's established church - the stifling coercive theology of political correctness enforced by a secular episcopate.

As Americans were voting on marriage and marijuana and other matters, the Rotterdam police were destroying a mural by Chris Ripke that he'd created to express his disgust at the murder of Theo van Gogh by Islamist crazies. Ripke's painting showed an angel and the words "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Unfortunately, his workshop is next to a mosque, and the imam complained that the mural was "racist", so the cops arrived, destroyed it, arrested the television journalists filming it and wiped their tape. Maybe that would ring a bell with Oliver James's mum.

The restrictions on expression that B J Kelly sees as evidence of European enlightenment are regarded as profoundly unhealthy by most Americans. When one examines Brian Reade's anatomy of redneck disfigurements - "gun-totin', military-lovin', abortion-hatin' " - most of them are about the will to survive, as individuals and as a society. Americans tote guns because they're assertive citizens, not docile subjects of a permanent governing class. They love their military because they think there's something contemptible about Europeans preening and posing as a great power when they can't even stop some nickel'n'dime Balkan genital-severers piling up hundreds of thousands of corpses on their borders.

And, if Americans do "hate abortion", is Mr Reade saying he loves it? It's at least partially responsible for the collapsed birthrates of post-Christian Europe. However superior the EU is to the US, it will only last as long as Mr Reade's generation: the design flaw of the radical secular welfare state is that it depends on a traditionally religious society birthrate to sustain it. True, you can't be a redneck in Spain or Italy: when the birthrates are 1.1 and 1.2 children per couple, there are no sisters to shag.

What was revealing about this election campaign was how little the condescending Europeans understand even about the side in American politics they purport to agree with - witness The Guardian's disastrous intervention in Clark County. Simon Schama last week week defined the Bush/Kerry divide as "Godly America" and "Worldly America", hailing the latter as "pragmatic, practical, rational and sceptical". That's exactly the wrong way round: it's Godly America that is rational and sceptical - especially of Euro-delusions. Uncowed by Islamists, undeferential to government, unshrivelled in its birthrates, Bush's redneck America is a more reliable long-term bet. Europe's media would do their readers a service if they stopped condescending to it.

Patents by or referring to Baskis (1976 to present)

Patent Database Search Results: Baskis in 1976 to present
PAT. NO. Title
6,700,298 Extremely-efficient, miniaturized, long-lived alpha-voltaic power source using liquid gallium
6,683,227 Resource recovery of waste organic chemicals by thermal catalytic conversion
6,601,471 Main block of drop-power station
6,479,920 Direct charge radioisotope activation and power generation
6,425,957 Material recovery system and method for used oil filter and oil contaminated materials
6,387,221 Processing method and system to convert garbage to oil
6,361,393 Magnetic impulse reaction driven toys
6,109,123 Rotational inertial motor
5,970,108 Method and apparatus for detecting high velocity alpha particles having captured electrons
5,944,034 Apparatus and method for recycling oil laden waste materials
5,888,389 Apparatus for oxidizing undigested wastewater sludges
5,852,062 Apparatus and methods for processing scrap tires
5,825,839 Method and apparatus for converting radioactive materials to electrical energy
5,611,915 Process for removal of heteroatoms under reducing conditions in supercritical water
5,543,061 Reforming process and apparatus
5,500,120 Auger-type chemical reformer
5,426,259 Method for oil-extracting treatment of wastes
5,360,553 Process for reforming materials into useful products and apparatus
5,269,947 Thermal depolymerizing reforming process and apparatus"

United States Patent: 6,683,227

Issued: January 27, 2004

Inventors: Platz; Gerald M. (108 Hwy. Division, Conroe, TX 77304); Holste; James C. (3025 Hummingbird Cir., Bryan, TX 77807-3224); Duvenhage; Dawid J. (3025 Hummingbird Cir., Bryan, TX 77807-3224)
Appl. No.: 880653
Filed: June 13, 2001

Resource recovery of waste organic chemicals by thermal catalytic conversion

A process for the thermocatalytic conversion of waste organic materials (e.g., waste tires) into reusable hydrocarbons is provided. The process entails providing the feedstock and catalyst comprising AlCl.sub.3 to a heated, stirred reactor. An overhead portion of vaporized hydrocarbons as well as vaporized AlCl.sub.3 is initially removed from the reactor via a discharge port. The composition of the removed hydrocarbons will vary depending on which of three modes the process is run: low reactor pressure, partial vacuum, and high pressures. Vaporized AlCl.sub.3 and a certain fraction of the hydrocarbons are subsequently removed via condensation and returned to the reactor. The composition of the condensed hydrocarbon fraction is controlled based on vapor pressure. The remaining vaporized hydrocarbon is recovered for subsequent uses. A reactor discharge portion is also removed from the reactor. This portion may contain unreacted feedstock and catalyst. The reactor discharge portion is provided to a supplemental reactor in which additional vaporized hydrocarbons and additional vaporized AlCl.sub.3 catalyst are produced. The additional vaporized hydrocarbons and additional vaporized AlCl.sub.3 catalyst are removed from the supplemental reactor and provided to a recycle catalyst condenser in which the additional catalyst is condensed while the additional hydrocarbons are maintained in the vapor state. The condensed additional catalyst as well as make-up catalyst are provided to the reactor to maintain appropriate catalyst to feedstock ratios. The additional hydrocarbons are recovered for subsequent uses. Any remaining residuals contained in the supplemental reactor are subjected to solid residue treatment, which includes carbon black recovery.

Additional Reading
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San Miguel et al., "Pyrolysis of Tire Rubber: Porosity and Adsorption Properties Characteristic of Pyrolytic Chars", Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 37: pp. 2430-2435 (1998).

Bush Slogans

Our think tanks create new slogans for national and local elections. A new panel of conservatives, libertarians & independents is not politically correct & none care.

JohnKerry, JohnEdwards - These Dogs Don't Hunt - Vote for Bush

Keep A No-Wimp White House - Bush2004

1 Dude, 2 Tongues, 0 Values - Kerry in 04

Stay Safe. Stay Sure. Stay Smart - Bush 2004

I Ran Then, I'm Running Now - Kerry 2004

Vote For The Immoral. Vote Kerry '04

Pave The Road to Hell With Liberals - Bush 2004

Terrorism No. Security Yes! Re-elect Bush

John Kerry & John Edwards: These Johns Don't Flush - Vote for Bush

Keep America out of the Liberal Sewer! Bush '04

John F Kerry, Big Heinz Mama Like Hamas & Love Osama - Bush2004

Morals? Define Morals! - Vote for Kerry
Stop Global Whining - Conservatives for Senate

Political Correctness: Language of Cowards. Vote for Kerry

Apologize? NOT! - Re-elect President Bush

Honk 4 Higher Taxes - Vote Kerry

Don't Dazzle With Brilliance - Baffle with BS! - Kerry 2004

Neuter Liberals, Not Pets! Conservatives for Senate

Send A Billionaire to the White House - Kerry in 2004

R U A God & Country Wack-o? - Vote For Bush

We Teachers R Under-taxed - Vote for Kerry

Welfare Yes. Work No! - Kerry 2004

Reading This In English? Thank Your Troops - Bush 2004

Elect Another Kreep! Vote Kerry in '04

RUN, RALPH...RUNNN! - Bush 2004
[Conservatives place on rear bumper; Liberals on the front ]

Vote For John Flipflop Kerry in 2004

Root 'Em Out Over There - Not Here! - Bush 2004

Trees Yes. Humans No! - Kerry for Prez

Patriotism is Dead...Live with it! Vote John Kerry

Feel New Pain - Vote Kerry in 2004

Make AlQaida's Day! Vote for John Kerry

Oval Office is No Play Pen - Re-elect Bush

Children Against Terrorists - Bush in 2004

Vive Le France! Achtung Germany! - Kerry 2004

Yes Virginia, There Really are Terrorists - Bush '04

No Hanoi Jane; No Hanoi John - Vets for Bush in '04

U Favor Frolicking Freaks? - Kerry '04

Homeland Security: On Your Side - Bush in 2004

US Isolation Now - Vote for Kerry

Troops Honk for Bush in 2004 !

UN Yes, US No - Kerry in 2004

In GOD You Trust? Give it Up! - Kerry '04

Say No To Partial Birth Abortion - Bush 2004

9/11 Is Over! Get Over It! Kerry in 2004

Socialism Rocks! - Kerry 2004

Send a Traitor to the Toilet - Vote for Bush

Never in My Name! Bush in 2004

Kommie Krat? - Kerry 04

Keep America Beautiful! Vote for Bush

Krush Kerry, Ketchup, Kover-ups & Kowards - Bush2004

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Support Gay Marriage - Support John Kerry

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]Liberals place on rear bumper; Conservatives on the front.
Not available in cloth banner. Not sold for 'soft' money]

Heinz Ketchup, Kerry & Outsourcing - Vote for John & Teresa

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Another Working Family for Higher Taxes - Kerry for Prez '04

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Run. Hide. Crawl. - JohnFKerry '04

Su Vota Es Su Voz! El Tejano Si, Norteno Rico No!
[English: Your Vote is Your Voice! Texan yes, Rich Yankee No!] -Bush 2004

Honk if U Luv Cowards ! Kerry in '04

Anti-Terror. Anti-Traitor. Anti-Tax - Re-Elect George Bush

AlQaida, The US Apologizes! Vote for Kerry

What Am I? Guess! - Kerry 2004

Liberals & Diapers. Change Needed for Same Reason - Bush '04

Shame on The Military! - Vote For Kerry

Safe, Not Sorry...He-e-re's Your Sign: VOTE FOR BUSH

The hysterical skies

On the Yahoo Soars board we debate the "Terror in the Skies" scare:

Hey sellz ? Terror in the Skies ?
by: law_n_order_here (100/F/Jurassic) 07/21/04 11:46 am
Msg: 661325 of 681817

The hysterical skies
She survived a flight with 14 harmless Syrian musicians -- then spread 3,000 bigoted and paranoid words across the Internet. As a pilot and an American, I'm appalled.

... a reactionary scare story was making the cyber-rounds during the past week.

The piece in question, "Terror in the Skies, Again?" is the work of Annie Jacobsen, a writer for WomensWallStreet.com. Jacobsen shares the account of the emotional meltdown she and her fellow passengers experienced when, aboard a Northwest Airlines flight from Detroit to Los Angeles, a group of Middle Eastern passengers proceeded to act "suspiciously."

The editors get the drama cooking with some foreboding music: "You are about to read an account of what happened," counsels a 70-word preamble. "The WWS Editorial Team debated long and hard about how to handle this information and ultimately we decided it was something that should be shared ... Here is Annie's story" [insert lower-octave piano chord here].

What follows are six pages of the worst grade-school prose, spring-loaded with mindless hysterics and bigoted provocation.

Fourteen dark-skinned men from Syria board Northwest's flight 327, seated in two separate groups. Some are carrying oddly shaped bags and wearing track suits with Arabic script across the back. During the flight the men socialize, gesture to one another, move about the cabin with pieces of their luggage, and, most ominous of all, repeatedly make trips to the bathroom.

The author links the men's apparently irritable bladders to a report published in the Observer (U.K.) warning of terrorist plots to smuggle bomb components onto airplanes one piece at a time, to be secretly assembled in lavatories.

"What I experienced during that flight," breathes Jacobsen, "has caused me to question whether the United States of America can realistically uphold the civil liberties of every individual, even non-citizens, and protect its citizens from terrorist threats."

Intriguing, no? I, for one, fully admit that certain acts of airborne crime and treachery may indeed open the channels to a debate on civil liberties. Pray tell, what happened? Gunfight at 37,000 feet? Valiant passengers wrestle a grenade from a suicidal operative? Hero pilots beat back a cockpit takeover?

Well, no. As a matter of fact, nothing happened. Turns out the Syrians are part of a musical ensemble hired to play at a hotel. The men talk to one another. They glance around. They pee.

That's it?

That's it.

Air crews and passengers alike are ... prone to jumpiness should a certain template of race and behavior be filled. Jacobsen's folly is in not being able to step back from that jumpiness -- neither during the flight itself, at which point her worry and behavior are at least excusable, nor well after touching down safely.

Speaking as a pilot, air travel columnist, and American, I find Jacobsen's 3,000-word ghost story of Arab boogeymen among the most overwrought and inflammatory tracts I've encountered in some time.

Most disturbing of all has been the pickup from Internet bloggers and news sources, including ABC, CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times. The writer hops a flight to California on which absolutely nothing of danger occurs, and the following are among the citations:

"Harrowing piece"
"The frightening true story"
"Disturbing account"
"Riveting article"
"An absolute must-read"

Thermal conversion of organic waste using lead

United States Patent: 4,925,532

Apparatus for thermal conversion of organic matter
Inventors: Meuser; William E. (Springdale, AR); LaRue; Gary W. (Siloam Springs, AR); Harris; Windel L. (Neosho, MO); Donahue; James A. (Huntsville, AR); Bonney; L. H. (Strongsville, OH); Glanton; Gene W. (Houston, TX)
Assignee: PTO, Inc. (Springdale, AR)
Appl. No.: 342056
Filed: April 24, 1989"


A method and apparatus for the thermal conversion of organic waste materials includes a tank having a molten metal bath, preferably lead, through which apertured containers are transported by primary conveyer members in a plane intermediate two arrays of heating devices. Buoyancy of the waste-filled containers is resisted by abutment members within the tank while alignment elements on the containers prevent the containers from becoming askew during their travel through the tank. The abutment members may comprise fixed rails or secondary coveyor members spaced atop the primary conveyor members. Agitation devices within the tank assist in maintaining maximum heat distribution throughout the bath. Produced hydrocarbons are collected by a main hood overlying the major portion of the tank bath surface while separate shroud assemblies overlie other, individual isolated bath surfaces at the entrance and exit of the tank. Inorganic and/or products not converted by the elevated temperature of the bath (over 650 degrees F.), accumulate on the surface and are periodically removed by a skimmer apparatus, communicating with the exterior of the hood. A continuous process is achieved by utilizing conveyors to deliver and retrieve the containers to and from the tank, respectively.

Khamisiyah: 1991 soldiers exposed to deadly WMD fumes ?

The bombing of a suspected WMD site, Khamisiyah in southern Iraq in 1991 may have caused Gulf War syndrome. Noxious fumes emanated from the bombing site for days and may have been carried by wind to fall on the troops stationed at the Gulf.

The Dirty And Deadly Secrets Of Khamisiyah

In Khamisiyah, southern Iraq, 1991, a man made plague was unleashed. Some of the world’s deadliest chemical and biological warfare agents were housed in Khamisiyah, a sprawling desert bunker complex – and then released into the atmosphere. Released by allied soldiers who are now dying in their thousands, and released over the very same Iraqi population whom the U.S. hopes to “liberate”.

It is widely known and reported that the U.S. supplied chemical and biological weapons “technology” and “seed stocks” in the 1980s.

The American Gulf War Veteran Association, campaigning over the issue of Gulf War Syndrome, have video documentary evidence of the huge chemical and biological weapons cache destroyed at Khamisiyah, the existence of which was denied officially till the mid 1990s.

Their video footage – taken by a U.S. soldier at the time - shows clearly that Iraq was not simply supplied the “technology” and “seed stocks” to make its own chemical weapons. Iraq was supplied fully functional weapons of mass destruction in the form of fully weaponised chemical and biological munitions.


Once the casualty rate of U.S. service members is considered - who were exposed for just a few months to the fallout from the demolition of the Khamisiyah chemical weapons dump – it is also worth considering the fate of the Iraqis who have no choice but to live in these contaminated zones.

Since the Gulf War, the incidence of child cancer in southern Iraq has increased by at least 400%. The use of illegal depleted uranium in allied munitions as well as the allied exploding of Iraqi chemical and biological ordinance are thought to be the main culprits.

Video evidence from the American Gulf War Veterans Association shows that in the destruction of Khamisiyah, the U.S. government knowingly exposed its soldiers to a lethal cocktail of depleted uranium, chemicals and biological agents.

Symptoms experienced by the victims of [Gulf War syndrome] include chronic fatigue, memory loss, aching joints, rashes, cancer and not so imaginary limbless children. Most frighteningly, aspects of the disease also appear to be contagious, with the spouses and children of veterans suffering many of the same symptoms.

... the very existence of Khamisiyah is such a damning indictment of western arms dealing hypocrisy.

The Veterans’ video clearly shows the munitions dump was packed with illegal western made weapons of mass destruction. Boxes of munitions with U.S., UK and Russian markings are clearly visible as soldiers inspect the huge underground bunkers of Kamisiyah.

The video also details military correspondence prohibiting the bulk destruction of chemical and biological weapons using the ‘field method’ – blowing them up where they were found. And yet this is precisely what the soldiers at Kamisiyah were ordered to do. The huge cache of weapons at Kamisiyah was destroyed hastily, and its existence then denied.

... unprotected soldiers were sent into Khamisiyah after it had been bombed extensively from the air, releasing the very gasses they now intend to guard the world against.

TCP transforming Radioactive waste into: Ash, CO2, water vapor and Nitrogen

United States Patent: 4,668,435

Inventors: Grantham; LeRoy F. (Calabasas, CA)
Assignee: Rockwell International Corporation (El Segundo, CA)
Appl. No.: 591778
Filed: March 20, 1984

Thermal conversion of wastes


Wastes, in the form of liquids, solids and slurries, are converted to a mixture of a gas and an inorganic ash by introducing the waste as a finely atomized spray into a zone heated by means of a hot gas. Contact of the spray particles with the hot gas results in drying the waste and calcining and combusting the dried waste. The process is particularly useful with wastes containing hazardous materials such as radioactive substances.

1. A process for the thermal conversion of a radioactive waste material which comprises the sequential steps of:

introducing said radioactive waste material in the form of a finely atomized spray into the top of a spray dryer zone heated, by means of a hot gas produced externally of said zone on combustion of a fuel and air and introduced into the top of said zone, to a temperature of about 500.degree. to 1000.degree. C. to convert said radioactive waste material, by contact with said hot gas, into a mixture of products including a non-radioactive gas comprising gaseous H.sub.2 O, CO.sub.2 and nitrogen and a radioactive inorganic ash;

removing said mixture of products from the bottom of said zone, and

separating said radioactive inorganic ash from said mixture of products, the ratio of the volume of said radioactive waste material to the volume of said ash being in the range of about 7:1 to 70:1.

2. A process according to claim 1 wherein said waste contains sodium nitrate and the nitrate content of said radioactive ash is reduced by at least about 98% from the nitrate content of said waste.

3. A process according to claim 1 wherein said zone is heated to a temperature in the range of about 600.degree. to 850.degree. C.

4. A process according to claim 1 wherein the temperature within said zone is not permitted to fall below about 600.degree. C.

5. A process according to claim 1 wherein said hot gas is produced by combustion of a fuel in an excess of an oxidizing gas.

6. A process according to claim 1 wherein said hot gas comprises a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and the oxidation products of natural gas.

7. A process according to claim 1 wherein said radioactive waste material comprises a complexing aid selected from the group consisting of citric acid, EDTA and a sodium salt of EDTA.

Plasma production inside microwave oven on the Late show with David Letterman

Plasma production inside microwave oven on the Late show with David Letterman

Diebold usage on elections

media_backgrounder.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Georgia’s Unique Model for Election

In the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election and the ensuing
chaos of the Florida recount, only three states moved aggressively to
address the clear need to replace antiquated voting equipment with new
systems that are more accurate, accessible, secure and user friendly.
Those three states – Florida, Maryland and Georgia -- took different
paths in their quest for election reform. Georgia is the only state in
the nation to adopt a single, statewide solution for the upgrade of
election equipment, to deploy it simultaneously in every county, and to
pay for its acquisition entirely with state, rather than county, funds.

Florida’s Piecemeal Approach

Florida, the scene of so much election controversy, enacted legislation
that placed a mandate on counties with punch card or central count
optiscan voting to replace those units with either precinct count
optiscan or electronic voting terminals. Florida state officials made
available to counties a limited supply of funds to assist with the
equipment upgrade.

But despite the lessons of 2000 and the landmark Bush vs. Gore Supreme
Court decision, no effort was made to achieve uniformity in either
equipment platform or vendor. Florida’s approach left it to the
discretion of counties to select the type and brand of new voting
systems and to develop all the programs necessary to support those new
deployments. Florida’s election reform model unfortunately created a
number of obstacles for both election officials and voters

Because of the lack of uniformity, with different counties using
different equipment platforms provided by different vendors, voter
education efforts were more difficult and complex. No broad-based media
campaigns or educational programs could speak to all voters with the
same message

Florida state officials placed mandates on counties and provided some
of the financial resources necessary to meet those mandates, but
otherwise took a “hands off” approach to the complex challenges
associated with new voting equipment deployments. Not only equipment
evaluation and selection, but technical support, testing, and election
official and poll worker training were all left in the hands of
counties, without coordination or knowledge-sharing at the state level.

With no carefully constructed uniform road map for deployment,
counties were left to themselves to devise mechanisms and initiatives
to educate voters and train those most directly responsible for
election day success – poll workers.

In the Sept. 10th Florida Primary some 15 counties operated electronic
systems in their first major election. Thirteen of those counties saw
relatively smooth deployments with few reported problems. But two large
south Florida counties – Miami/Dade and Broward – experienced very
significant operational failures, including polls opening late and
voters enduring long delays and uncertainty as to whether they would be
able to vote. In the days since that election, media accounts have
traced these failures to inadequate planning, preparation, and
recruitment and training of poll workers by election officials in those
two counties.

When poll workers don't show up for work until 9, 10 or 11 am, or don't
show up at all (as was reported in Dade and Broward), when they are
completely untrained on how to get the units up and running, those are
failures of county management and training. It should be noted that no
Florida county operates the Diebold electronic voting systems selected
by Georgia. However, the key variable between success and failure in
the 2002 Florida Primary appears to be the adequacy of county election
management. And all Florida counties were handicapped by a “go it
alone” deployment model that provided no coordinated state support for
these difficult