Daily Kos: Redefining TREASON, the GOP way

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God, destiny, Allah, nature (or whatever) must have a sense of humor. The party who redefined TREASON to mean dissent and criticism is now knee deep in real treason

Here's what GOP calls treason

* Being a Democrat (Ann Coulter's book Treason) (1)
* Being a union supporting teacher (Education Secretary Rod Paige (2)
* Disagreeing with Bush's methods (RNC ad, 11/2003) (3)
* Free Speech as Treason (WH says any opposition to Bush policies "at war time" is treason) (5)
* The post 60's culture (Why John Walker Lindh joined Al Qaeda) (6)
* Speaking out against war crimes (Kerry's treason according to Swifties) (4)
* Exercising your right to vote for whom you want as President (Vote for Kerry = Vote for Bin Laden) (7)

Curiously enough, here is what the GOP does not call Treason

* Revealing the ID of a under cover WMD expert
* Revealing the ID of a CIA front company
* Discussing documents marked Top Secret with journalists, for print
* Revealing the name of an Al Qaeda informant
* Revealing the information Churchill allegedly let an entire UK city be bombed to protect: US had the code for Iran's messages

* lawnorder's diary :: ::

Liberalism is treason
GOP's pundits, propaganda masters and administration officials spent the last 4+ years saying that The entire Democratic party is commiting treason

Ann Coulter defending her book on Chris Matthews' Hardball:

.. the Democratic Party, as an entity, has become functionally treasonable, including what you're talking about, turning over documents to the enemy... [it] is not that there are just a few dozen traitors out there. It is that the entire party cannot root for America.

Organized Labor is Treason
Education Secretary Paige calls teachers union ``terrorist organization''

Disagreeing with Bush's methods on the War on Terra is Treason

The ad consists of video clips from Bush's most recent State of the Union address, backed by ominous music and interspersed with on-screen text ... The second scrolling text says, "Some are now attacking the President for attacking the terrorists." Bull. Not one leading Democrat in Congress or in the presidential campaign has criticized Bush for attacking terrorists. They've criticized him for not attacking terrorists. Specifically, they've faulted him for attacking Iraq and pretending that this was a blow against terrorism.. (3)

Denouncing an absurd war and war crimes is Treason
Those betrayed do feel the treason sharply

Free Speech / Dissent as Treason
(I removed the Greenpeace incident due to kossacks feedback below)

Unnamed WH official: The President considers this nation to be at war, and, as such, considers any opposition to his policies to be no less than an act of treasonTreating dissent as treason - SourceWatch

The post 60's cultural revolution

American Prospect Online - ViewPrint: "The Roots of Treason, Explained

From Shelby Steele, writing on American Taliban John Walker on the op-ed page of The Wall Street Journal (December 10, 2001):

Walker came out of a self-hating stream of American life. Yes, alone in Yemen and later in Pakistan, he may have been seduced by charismatic people. But he was prepared for this seduction not just by the wispy relativism of Marin County, but also by a much broader post-'60s cultural liberalism (more than political liberalism) that gave his every step toward treason a feel of authenticity and authority."

Kerry's "treason"
Was being "one of the team" and revealing wrongdoing by some members of the team which played a critical role in creating a climate of silence and shame for our returning Vietnam heroes and aided and abetted our enemies activities

Crucifying the CIA for the WMD lies
Created a climate of silence and shame for our intel agents who risk their life for US, and aided and abetted our enemies activities

Letting a city be burned to protect a code break
Apparently an urban legend, but it demonstrates the point I'm making: How serious it is to blab about US code breaking activities

Winston Churchill and the Bombing of Coventry
It has now become a matter of accepted fact, at least among the British public, that on the night of 14 - 15 November 1940, rather than compromise a decisive source of intelligence, Winston Churchill allowed the city of Coventry to be left to the mercies of the German Air Force.

the Germans sent the order to destroy Coventry in the second week during November. Unlike previous "Ultra" messages, which had always given the name of the target in code, this message gave the name "Coventry" in clear type. Thus, Stevenson says, within minutes of the order being given, it was placed in front of the Prime Minister. Faced with the prospect of leaving the people of the city to die or evacuating them, Churchill turned to Sir William Stephenson ("Intrepid") for advice. What Stephenson advised was that "Ultra" was too valuable a source of intelligence to risk. By evacuating the city, the Prime Minister would be exposing the source and endangering its usefulness in the future. "Intrepid" told Churchill to let the city burn and the people to their fate.

This is much the same story as told by Cave Brown, but the latter fills in a few more details. For a start he says that Churchill had the message a full two days before the raid. Again Churchill decided that "Ultra" was too valuable a source of intelligence to be compromised and so the people were left to die.

Bush WH telling the code break to an Iranian agent
Bush is no Churchill!

CBS News | 'Drunk' American Blabs To Chalabi?
He is alleged to have met in Baghdad with a top Iranian agent and disclosed to him that the U.S. had cracked Iran's secret codes and was eavesdropping on all Iranian intelligence messages.

Chalabi told the Iranians he learned about the code intercepts from an American who was "drunk" when he told him. What followed was a frantic exchange of messages between the Baghdad Iranian agent and his headquarters in Tehran all of which were intercepted and decoded by U.S. agents back here

A vote for Kerry is treason

Ingraham, Rush: Voting for Kerry is "aligning" with Bin Laden
LIMBAUGH: And, you know, whatever the liberals think or say, and the two are not mutually exclusive, a Kerry victory after the bin Laden tape, will accomplish this -- it'll give Osama bin Laden bragging rights all across the Middle East. Stop and think -- and ... and in the -- in the words of the Left, create a whole new generation of terrorists.

Revealing the name of our best source into Al Qaeda intel

Bush Team on Defensive Over al-Qaeda Leak One of the greatest coups in Washington's nearly three-year war against al-Qaeda has suddenly turned sour with reports the White House prematurely exposed the identity of a key source whose contacts and communication with the terrorist group's operational masterminds had yet to be fully exploited. The source, 25-year-old computer wizard Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan, had been cooperating with Pakistani police and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since he was quietly detained in Lahore on July 12, until the New York Times published his name last Monday after receiving a "background" briefing by the White House. British and Pakistani intelligence agencies were reportedly furious with the leak, which forced UK police to hurriedly round up 13 al-Qaeda suspects who are alleged to have been in email communication with Khan. Five others who were sought by MI5 reportedly escaped capture, and there is some question that the British had gathered enough evidence

Daily Kos: Redefining TREASON, the GOP way


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